IN TIMES SUCH AS THESE, the true colours of everything and everyone are being starkly revealed. To put it another way, the filth that can no longer be hidden by the conditioned masks and disguises we have worn all our lives — as they must drop because the fear of death strips us of all artifice — comes streaming out like sewage from a broken wastepipe. True colours are being shown.

The mask of faux-democracy slips from the smug and squidgy faces of all governments, as under the guise of “security” and “care” their tyrannical, control-freak underbellies are unveiled. Previously, they ignored most dissidents, for they were no real threat to the narcissistic self-serving day-to-day conniving of politicians. But instead of being transparent and responding with sincerity, the authorities’ pretence of tolerance and lip-service to ‘freedom’ has dissolved into repression, censorship and heavy-handedness, now that those same dissidents are openly questioning their lies and manipulations. True colours are being shown.

Certain neighbours’ phony smiles have morphed into stern and silent stares from behind their tainted TV dinners, their lace-net curtains of ‘respectability’ and their manufactured po-faced sense of ‘responsibility’ as they snitch on you to the state (as they have been encouraged to do) if you do not sheepishly submit like them to false authority and government lies. True colours are being shown.

Many of your family members and ‘friends’ (even including fellow-artists and those you thought were somewhat ‘alternative’) now deride you as “conspiracy theorists” if you do not, like them, slavishly follow the convoluted skein of spook-driven sanctions touted by the $cientistic diktatorship now underway. Threatened by your well-informed logic and cognitive cohesion, intimidated by your lack of fear and clarity of thought (and the fact that your very existence shines an embarrassing light on their cowardice and betrayal), their venom and desperate ridicule are heaped upon you in their efforts to force you to be just like them (and like your po-faced neighbours, they might well snitch on you too). Even if you say, in all sincerity, that you respect their freedom to do as they wish and you will never ridicule them, they will not offer the same courtesy to you and will accuse you (falsely) of selfishly using your freedom in such as way that it is killing others. Their irrationality and ears closed to inescapable truth will cause you to marvel. True colours are being shown.

However, not only is the mass of people showing their true colours in a negative sense but there is also a significant minority who are finding their voice and their courage to be able to withstand the blatant propaganda and speak truth into the wall of lies. I say “courage” because it takes nothing less than that to think differently to the herd and to stand up for truth and light. When one does so, that is the beginning of a journey which will lead to a myriad of epiphanies if one follows it through. On the other hand, if one follows the herd and submits sheepishly to false authority then one will only stagnate and move nowhere in one’s mind or one’s heart.

These are the times in which we are living now. True colours are being shown everywhere by institutions, groups, and individuals. The naked state of hearts will only emphasise itself as these chaotic times deepen; and while the perception of the minority will increase, the love of most will grow cold. For we are only in the midst of a primary rehearsal as the dark forces behind the present debacle are testing the ground as they edge their way to the final stage of their planned global (and, it has to said, satanic) empire…

[Extracted from an article on which I am working, entitled “ “You Have Been Spooked!: The Role of Intelligence Assets, Sensationalised Statistics, Psychological Techniques, and the Farmasootickal Mafia in Official Policy Against Coveyd”, which virtually no one will read as it is so far more than 20,000 words long, so I am extracting it bite by bite. 😉]

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