MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE that if only someone would put a black-ops special forces militia team together and ‘take out’ all the world’s leaders and the various billionaires who they think wield power (you know who I mean), then the fate of this civilisation could be turned around. One wonders what planet they think they are living on. So many just do not have a clue what they are dealing with here. I have actually seen people discussing that on social media — even joking about dropping a 💣on the G7 summit! That would certainly be useless as all the clowns attending such a charade are merely fronting a crude theatre to make you think they are doing something to better the world, when all they are really doing is preserving the corrupt status quo of wealth and power and arranging for the enactment of schemes on behalf of the power-elite to grease the wheels for the creation of a one-world government — such schemes as the disingenuous ‘action on climate change’ and ways of more efficiently processing the skammdemmick — all under the dumbest of slogans that I have ever seen, “Build Back Better”. Which teaboy came up with that pathetic piece of scribble? The real meaning of their Orwellian cliché is “Tear Down More Efficiently”, as I will show below throughout this essay.

Please realise that any plans of violence against any authorities would not only be doomed to failure but they would bring down the most tremendous demonic rage across the world. Just like when resistance movements in wars derail a train carrying some enemy commodity, as a result of which the reigning authorities rage even more then slaughter the males of an entire village or more. I can assure you that for every evil clown you try to ‘waste’, another dozen will crawl out of the woodwork to take their place. Anyone in this world who is visibly controlling or propagating evil is just a minion, a mere puppet for a raft of darkness behind that front which is well beyond your imagination. You can take out as many evildoers as you want, but it would be like swatting a single fly in a cesspit. They are mere puppets. Even the names people think they know and are so fond of quoting (e.g., Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Gates, Harriman, bla-bla) are just fronts themselves. You will never see the real controllers of evil which lie way behind them, and you will never know their names. So, ‘wasting’ a few minions will barely even constitute an insect bite on Satan’s collective ass.

There are others who think that all we have to do is get more than 10% of the global population to meditate on world peace (the so-called Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon), then a miracle of transformation would overtake the globe. Again, that is New Age naivety and fantasy sorcery. We are not little gods who can magically eradicate darkness from this globe (flat-earthers, take note, it really IS a globe, just like the Moon, etc.!). If you think you are a god — as many deludedly do these days, courtesy of a synthesis of baseless mysticism and New Age wishful thinking — let me ask you these pertinent questions: Have you created a universe just because you can? Have you altered the entire course of history with a twitch of your finger (so to speak)? Have you overcome the whole satanic realm through your incarnation, death, resurrection and ascension? If you answered “no” to those questions (which you surely must), then I can assure you that you are NOT a god and you need to relinquish yourself of such delusions of grandeur! The state of this world goes way beyond what can be changed with a bit of meditation or mental concentration. For the state of this world involves colossal events in other dimensions, in fact. And if you think that sounds like science fiction, it is not only well beyond that genre, but it is definitely not fiction either. To imagine that we can alter the course of history through applied thought processes is as deluded as Satan has been through the ages by imagining he can create his empire of darkness masquerading as light and destroy what the Christ controls! We may not like the wicked course of history but, while there are some ways that we can ameliorate the wickedness on a temporary basis, we cannot stop the tide of human evil under the direction of the demonic realm from coming to its inevitable and necessary climax.

This fallen world-system cannot be taken down in any other way than supernaturally by angelic forces directed by the real powers behind this creation. As I will be opening up throughout this essay, this is the only real hope for this cosmos, which is only temporary — a testing ground acting as a precursor for the new cosmos in a new aeon of which we are on the cusp; which is why the Christ spoke of all the mayhem of this world from his time until now as being “the birth-pains” of that new aeon at the end of the present one (see the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verses 3-8). The forces of darkness are resisting this new aeon with every ounce of evil at their disposal. When one resists a birth, it always becomes painful. Yet, the march of history is moving relentlessly towards its climax of iniquity. The Big Change into the new aeon can and will only come when that climax has been reached.

We can see very clearly the build-up to that climax in action today with an impetus which has only happened identically in history on one occasion before: Several thousands of years ago on the plain of Shinar, parodied with the name “Babel”. The empire-building that we are witnessing now on this earth is a ‘new Babel’ in-the-making. This is precisely what John is referring to when he prophesies about “the beast which was, and is not now, and is going to ascend out of the Abyss” (Book of Revelation, chapter 17, verse 8). As we will see, the satanic world-system which has been vying to build a global empire is characterised by John in the Book of Revelation as a “beast”. Later in this essay I will develop that verse quoted above and show what part the “Abyss” (a bottomless pit) plays in the process, why John writes that it “was”, and why he speaks of it as being “not now”. Exactly the same beast-spirit as existed at Babel, where they were basically creating a collective humanistic anti-God confederacy, is being exhibited now in the gradual creation of a one-world government which, as the prophecy shows, will culminate in the revealing of the Antichrist at its head, which has nothing to do with some silly myth such as one sees in movies like “The Omen” series but will be a very real occurrence, as characterised in the Book of Revelation, chapters 13-17, where we see how the Antichrist system of one-world government will be established not only by individual nations and leagues of nations forming a global confederacy but even with the fervent assistance of world religions (including the global counterfeit Christian church), all of which John styles as “the great prostitute who sits on many waters” (chapter 17, verse 1). I will be developing the meaning of this whole idea of counterfeit religion and the counterfeit church and why they should exist at all later in this essay.

No matter how knowledgeable one imagines one is in terms of seeing through the deceptions of this world, unless one has a grasp of the sacred backdrop provided in the prophecies of the Book of Revelation and has a deep understanding of the spiritual battle which has been waged throughout history right to this present day, and how the Christ “dropped” into this world as a unique gamechanger in that battle, then the most that can happen is that one will become a humanistic paranoid conspiracy nut who is not conscious of the profound rescue which the Christ has effected throughout the entire cosmos. Concerning this cosmos, we are told it is “looking forward intensely” to the time when all this madness is over and the glories of the new aeon can begin and that it “groans and suffers the pains of childbirth” together with all those humans who also long for that time (Letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verses 18-22). It is astonishing to think of the cosmos as if it was a living being with a kind of consciousness and awareness of the fallenness of the creation of which it is a part and also that it is a temporary state which will one day be transformed into a new heaven and new earth of unimaginable glory. This is a reality which you will not read about on conspiracy sites, but it is a reality without which one will wallow in anomie and despair and in the vain hope that politics, demonstrations, lobbying, and revolutions can change the world. They cannot and they never will. Only the revelation (of which “apocalypse” is the true meaning) of Jesus the Christ can do that. These are the opening words in the Koine Greek of John’s book, written on the Greek island of Patmos towards the end of the first century AD: Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ — Apocalypsis Iēsou Christou — The Revelation (or Unveiling) of (and/or from) Jesus Christ.

Many think that the word “apocalypse” means the end of the world. The Greek word apocalypsis actually means ‘revelation’. So, although the Book of Revelation does reveal much about the cataclysmic time of the end of this age and its morphing into the next, the real revelation — the true apocalypse — concerns the Christ’s unveiling of his role in that process. As we sweep through the prophecies within this book throughout the rest of this essay, looking at how he is revealed in history, past, present and future, we will be continually astonished by what has already been done through his spiritual power and that of his angels and what is yet to be accomplished, which is real edge-of-the-seat stuff! Does this have the ring of truth? It’s time for you to decide. Maybe you will find all this to be too challenging, too ‘religious’, simply ‘crazy stuff’, totally ‘off the wall’ and outside your comfort zone. This all has nothing whatsoever to do with religion of any kind. It is simply naked truth of both matter and spirit. I am not here to ‘preach to the choir’ or to make myself popular (au contraire). I am here to set truth-loving souls on fire (through what I share). So, climb on board and enjoy the ride. For we’ve only just begun!

[Extracted from the introduction to the essay on which I am working, entitled “The Meaning of Apocalypse: A Primer on the Book of Revelation”. This extract is just to whet your appetite. It will appear in its entirety on this blog before the end of this month of June 2021]

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