KEEN OBSERVATION is a necessary art these days. All my life, I have loved sitting in cafes watching the world go by while ‘people-watching’. But there are times when a closer and more robust form of observation is required, so that one does not merely watch people (or even oneself and one’s own follies) but one becomes what is known as a ‘watchman’, a prophetic function which involves warning people “when you see a sword coming upon the land” (a cue from the astounding Book of Ezekiel). I have been observing events in such a way during the past 18 months and I have seen many ‘swords’ coming upon the land. Some of these recent ‘swords’ I have already written about in one context or another, especially concerning the psychological operation known as COVID-19.

But I want to speak of another kind of sword today. It is one which is wielded in great anger and calumny by those who have allowed themselves to be vaccinated and it is directed towards those who have not and who have thus preserved their immune systems intact. I have been noting their pronouncements with great interest. A number of times, in comments on a gleeful news report that an “anti-vaxxer” has died from the virus, I have actually seen people saying, “Good he deserved it”. Another comment said, “That should teach him a lesson… if he was alive to learn it”. There are other strange and inhuman comments directed at the unvaccinated that I have seen in recent times. Some have been taken from a news articles about community anger on this. Others have been taken from Fakebook posts or comments. Here they are:

  • “I hope you die from the virus you idiot”.
  • “You should never be treated by a hospital or doctors if you become ill”.
  • “I hope you get sick and your insurance company refuses to pay, which is what they should do”.
  • “I wonder what part of the brain has been short-circuited in those who refuse to vaccinate?”
  • “They should not be allowed into any public place, including supermarkets, pubs and shopping-malls until they do their civic duty”.
  • “Being vaccinated was supposed to bring us out of lockdown but because of YOU we all still have to continue being restricted and wearing masks”.
  • “You have taken away the advantages we were supposed to have gained by taking it”.
  • “You’re going to kill us all! Where’s your conscience?”
  • “It makes you want to smack people upside the head”.
  • “I’m just so tired of the stupidity and the selfishness”.
  • “The people who are refusing to get vaccinated are keeping us stuck in this pandemic. Their ‘personal choice’ is hurting everyone else. I’m so angry”.

I am trying to understand the logic which these folks are using. It isn’t easy to work out why people who have done zero research and believe everything that their government tells them — and who have taken an experimental substance into their bodies from pharmaceutical corporations which have an appalling track record of criminality, dishonesty, and disavowal of responsibility, fiscal or moral — should then show such violent aggression towards anyone who doesn’t behave exactly like them. The main reason for this is that it is an effect desired by the assorted spooks and manipulators behind the whole psychological operation. Through social media and other channels, the mass of people who have been vaccinated have been subtly convinced by the propaganda behind it that the unvaccinated are to blame for everything, including for the fact that vaccination for Covid-19 isn’t everything that it was cracked up to be. This has been an extremely clever move and one more way to divide society and turn it in on itself, thus in the process exonerating pharmaceutical corporations and governments from any blame whatsoever. This is master-manipulation which could have come straight off the pages of Orwellian literature.

I am not indulging in name-calling in this article. I support people’s free choice to make themselves subject to this ongoing experiment. Unlike others, I am not out to make them do exactly what I do. They are free. But this naïve ‘herd conformity’ (play on words intended) is like a sword which is coming upon the land. I say this because when people who have acted solely out of fear and have done no research whatsoever then accuse those who have done the research and taken consciously responsible action (in this case, non-action!) which in no credible way impacts the others (for, surely, they are ‘protected’ by their vaccination), and then start ganging up on them in an aggressive manner, I must conclude that there are some dark forces at work. It reminds me of some other situations in which Group #1 tries to coerce Group #2 with anger and aggression to behave just like them because Group #1 has taken on board a pile of false ideas which not only have no basis in fact but they are dangerous for the well-being of the community. I don’t need to spell out those situations here, if you get my drift. (Hint: cults and authoritarian political organisations, not to mention ‘torch and pitchfork’ witch-hunts).

A very disturbing aspect of all this is that it is impossible to have a rational conversation with them about this. If you try to show them real research by real scientists rather than the false $cience with which they have been fooled, they simply accuse you of being a “conspiracy theorist” and refuse to read or watch anything you share with them, even if it is from authoritative mainstream publications such as the British Medical Journal. I think we are going to see increasing examples of this wilful ignorance in the coming months and years; and not merely connected with this virus.

What is especially bizarre in all this is that the brainwashing has been so complete that when taking the vaccine turns out not to be as effective as they were coerced to believe, and it transpires that they can still infect other people, and they can still become badly infected themselves and even have to go to hospital, and they can be injured by it with no compensation or redress possible, and they are told that they still have to wear a mask…… instead of challenging those who manufactured it and those authorities who got them to take it and all those who peer-pressured them into getting it, they instead savagely blame those who didn’t make the same mistake as them and who even kindly advised them about its potential pitfalls beforehand. That is the most spectacular example of psychological projection that I have ever observed!

A complete lack of logic along with deep irrationality and even insanity (masquerading as sanity) have become the leading characteristics of today’s society. And this is only the beginning, as the epiphenomena from living in a fallen world controlled by the forces of darkness accumulate and spiral to their inevitable climax. To understand this process better, it absolutely has to be seen in the context of spiritual apostasy and the resultant anomie as the yeast-like “mystery of lawlessness” spreads across this earth through the nations. I repeat… this is just the beginning. There will be far worse “plagues” than this. (I’m using the word “plague” in its biblical sense, which is much broader than a mere pandemic). And you will observe a one-world government being assembled in the name of “peace and security”. And most will believe that it is for the best and (not for the first time in the past century) most will get caught up in the almost religious hysteria of it all, believing that the world has been saved by a dictator who will make Stalin and Hitler seem like unevolved girl-scouts. Even as they see all this and take part in it, saluting it, and watch the earth and heavens assailed by strange signs and catastrophes, most will erroneously blame those latter things on ‘climate change’ (as they do even now) and will refuse to comprehend what is really going down on this planet and in this cosmos.

Further details about this process will be in my upcoming book on The Book of Revelation. Watch this space…

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