THE REAL ‘WORLD WAR’ started long, long ago. It is not a war with conventional weapons or even Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is a psycho-spiritual war waged by dark forces — both human and demonic — and it involves a battle not just for the mind but for one’s very soul. No matter how aware one may think one is about what is going down in this world, never has it been more important to ensure that one is working for the right ‘side’ in this conflict, which is building up rapidly to its climax. There can be no neutrality. One is either a slave — to a greater or lesser degree — of the fallen archangel, Satan, and his fellow fallen angels (demons or archons), or one is a disciple of the Christ, and working in tandem with His angels. It is not enough merely to see through conspiracies, discern media lies, and be disillusioned with governance and the direction in which this world is heading. That is mainly an intellectual or philosophical perception. It is certainly a great start, as the plethora of conspiracies, media baloney and governance are essentially of satanic origin filtered through the power-elite under satanic control. But it does not go nearly far enough. One needs to perceive not merely the conspiratorial character of world affairs but also the supernatural origin behind them. For it is a predominantly spiritual battle which leads to mass warfare on the psychological level across this planet, and your mind — for the demonic realm — is the gateway to your soul. As an apostle of the Christ once wrote to the disciples of Christ:

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the demonic powers, against the cosmic forces of darkness, and against the spiritual dominion of evil in the heavenly realms”.

Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 12

One can see through every conspiracy in the world, work through every trauma in one’s emotional life, detoxify one’s body with wholesome foods, and become a Thoreau-like monkish recluse in the midst of glorious nature — and those are all great things to do — but unless one becomes a disciple of the Christ, that will all be in vain as one will not have the protection to withstand all the hideous subtleties of the demonic realm, which are ramping up to an insane level right now. This has nothing to do with religion. Even the majority of the churches which claim to represent the Christ conform to corrupt government and have no real discernment about the conspiracies of evil in the world. In fact, many are in complete denial about them and do not live out the counterculture spirit required for all manifestations of the ekklesia. This is the nature of modern warfare for disciples of Christ. As it has been said:

“For though we live in the flesh, we do not wage war according to the flesh. The weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We tear down arguments and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”.

Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 10, verses 3-5

So NOW is the time to be a fearless Cosmic Warrior for Christ. We are all caught up in this battle whether we want to be or not and whether we know it or not. All we have to do is choose sides. To put it bluntly: Are you on the side of Satan or on the side of Christ? There is no other side. That is all the choice you have. But you have to declare your intention not merely outwardly but inwardly too. The awful reality is that if you have not consciously chosen to follow the Christ and made it your inner intention, then you are already a slave of Satan, to a greater or lesser degree, whether you realise it or not. For everyone is such a slave, until they choose otherwise. This is completely unheard of by most people, and I have tried to explain the whole process within the pages of this book in the way it is exposed in the Book of Revelation.

We have already seen how, when the Antichrist is revealed, heading up the one-world government, most of the world will be fooled by his dynamic powers, his accompanying signs, and his lying wonders (for he will be empowered directly by Satan). Can you imagine how many people who thought they were ‘woke’ will be among those who will think he is the man to take the world forward, because of the desperation which has been engendered in them by the forces of darkness after one catastrophe after another. The world is looking for a human saviour, a leader they think they can get behind. You have seen how easily the world is fooled by an empty ‘leader’. When smooth-talking Obama was going round giving pre-election speeches, a huge number of people treated him like a messiah and would try and touch him so they could be healed! There were even websites devoted to “Obama the Messiah”. And half of America (including half of its crazy professing ‘Christians’) revered a charlatan like Trump as saviour of the world and avidly followed the obvious psyop known as QAnon! It doesn’t take much chutzpah or spiel to fool the mass of people with falsehood and hollow, manipulative ‘leaders’, as the last 18 months have also revealed. There is now even more ‘herd-conformity’ in the world than ‘herd-immunity’!

So I say this: Do not follow the mob but follow the Christ. Once you do make a choice to follow Him, and make an inner declaration along with that, and make the commitment that you will turn your life around to be in line with the Divine will, then you will discover that He will be right alongside you in your life in the person of the Holy Spirit. I know that many of you are burned-out, worn-down, or jaded by the events of the past 18 months. Believe me when I say that such exhaustion (which can be spiritual in nature) will be overturned when you declare inwardly, outwardly, and consistently that you are on the side of the Light which is in the Christ and that you have no place for darkness anywhere in your life. He will then fill your heart and guide your every move, and that will be liberating because you will experience real freedom and for the first time in your life you will really “know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 32).

The more I speak in this way, the more I can watch my “friends” count go down on social media. It is quite amusing and expected. I am not there to gain friends but to get real. So I hope you who are reading this, wherever you are, will stick around. Not just our physical life depends on our choice of side, but our eternal one. We are now building up towards the end of this age when there will be a tremendous judgement on the world and then the new age can begin with a wholly new creation in which the population will be those who have chosen to follow the Divine will through the Christ with its uncomfortable truths rather than the satanic agenda with its seemingly agreeable lies.

Love to all from me, with blessings and best wishes…

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