FAKEBOOK FACTCHECKERS wouldn’t know a fact from a fart (well, they pretend they don’t, because they do not want you have any facts). Here’s how it works: Fakebook tells you that you have contravened their community guidelines (it isn’t really a community, but nevermind) and there is a bubble saying that your information has already been checked by factcheckers and found to be false. You go and look at the article in which what you have posted is said to be false. There you read something like this:

<<“There is a post doing the rounds on social media claiming that the Acme Pharmaceutical Corporation has released a medication in which there are ingredients which are harming people. So we went to the Acme Pharmaceutical Corporation and asked them if this was true. Their reply was, ‘Absolutely not. All are [sic] products are subjected to rigorous testing and are only released after those tests have proven to be good’. Similarly, the head of the CDC confirmed that the claims in the post are untrue. So there you have it. Straight from all the horses’ mouths. The claims on social media are false”>>

Honestly, in my long lifetime I have never before seen such moronic censorship and disinformation so widely and officially applied. The fact that the attempt to suppress Truth is so blatant and unashamed shows how frightened the authorities are of the mass of people waking up and seeing for themselves how they have been duped. It is said that these authorities are spreading fear, but it is much more the case that they themselves are scared to death of Truth. For what they have done — killing and injuring (physically and psychologically) countless people through their strategies — they should really be prosecuted, tried in a court of law, and duly sentenced. But that presupposes an impartial judiciary, which is highly unlikely as the spooks who are running this shitshow must have masses of stuff on every judge which can be used against them as blackmail. That’s how the system is kept propped up, in the media, in government, in academia, in science, among gatekeepers everywhere. They have mostly been bought and/or are compromised and are therefore frightened of exposure. That’s why this whole rotten show continues unchanged. So I am not expecting to see much success in the courts, even though I would love it to be true.

I saw a video of a scientist the other day saying how many of his friends in the scientific field confided in him that although they knew that ‘science’ is being falsely presented by governments today, they will keep silent so as to preserve their jobs and financial grants. One day, all of those cowards — along with the politicians, scientists, doctors, media people, and academics — will be dealt with by a supernatural Judge who is beyond their imaginative capabilities to comprehend. For COWARDICE is right at the top of the list of qualities which make someone worthy of undergoing “the second death” — that eternal, irreversible separation from God that will be the experience which all those who would rather believe the Lie than love the Truth will bring on themselves. Cowardice even comes on the list before faithlessness, vile perverts, murderers, dark sorcerers, fornicators, idolaters, and liars! That is how significant it is when God examines a soul. Go on, check it out in chapter 21, verse 8, in the Book of Revelation, https://biblehub.com/bsb/revelation/21.htm . If you dare!

What is truly shocking is that mostpeople think they can deny Truth and then it will be suppressed, gone, done with forever. I have never encountered such ignorance and stupidity in my life. Trying to put the lid on Truth is like covering every outlet on a boiling kettle and expecting it not to explode! One day Truth will explode in everyone’s face who has tried to undermine, suppress, annul, or deny it — just as it did in Noah’s time, when the flood carried them all away, which they never believed was coming. As the Christ said: “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man” (a phrase which He used to describe Himself). That is a personal prophecy of His second coming, which will be like lightning simultaneously flashing across the whole world in a cataclysmic event which will usher in the new aeon. (Read the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, to see all the details of that, https://biblehub.com/bsb/matthew/24.htm ).

I use every tactic possible to avoid being banned from social media because of AI robots, tyrannical algorithms, and mendacious factcheckers. But I guess one day even my Fakebook page will become a victim of their censorship. I already have two warnings from Fakebook under the most ridiculous auspices — one they said was “hate-speech” because I had ‘stereotyped genders’, and the other they said was “spam”,, because I shared an article showing how most scientific research is false (which was simply an expansion of a piece by a former editor of the British Medical Journal). Gosh, we do live in interesting times! It is (probably falsely) claimed that an old Chinese curse used to say, “May you live in interesting times”. Well… here we are!

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