WHAT IS MOST LACKING IN SOCIETY in the 21st century? *LOGIC*. If the majority of people had not been so dumbed-down that they cannot think logically, governments would not have been able to pull off the stunt which they have throughout the past 17 months. Frankly, sharing a world with so many who are unable to apply logic means feeling not only like a complete alien on one’s own planet but also as if one is imprisoned in a medieval lunatic asylum!

When people can think logically, when they can reason through from a premise to a conclusion, when they can avoid the pitfalls of illogicality and irrationality, then deception and duplicity cannot so easily flourish. When deception and duplicity cannot so easily flourish, then governments lose their grip on the control of the minds of populations. When governments lose their grip on the control of the minds of populations, then you would think that those populations should grow in self-development.

However, the reality is that when governments sense they are losing their grip on the minds of their populations those governments become desperate and begin to pull even dirtier tricks out of the hat. For what we are witnessing now is just the beginning of the degeneration of society and its descent into a 1984ish shadow-world of absurdity which will make “2 + 2 = 5” seem like less than basic mathematics. I often wonder how different life would have been in 2020 and 2021 if logic had been a dominant state of mind. Please educate yourselves with all the many different abuses of logic which are listed in the accompanying poster. Then please share it. (But something in the back of my mind says that so many are so logically befuddled that even this poster will not make any sense to them).

#NotAPessimistButARealist #LogicComesFromTheLogos

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