Why ‘Saving the Planet’ is the Ultimate in Human Arrogance

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PROLOGUE: The Identity of the Creator of this Planet and the Cosmos

The ultimate hubris in this world is human beings imagining that they can “save the planet”. Honestly, I have to laugh long and hard at such a ludicrous idea. This amazing planet has seen many so-called ‘civilisations’ come and go and lived to tell the tale. The Earth is a highly complex living being that could remove us all as easily as a dog scratches an irritating flea from its fur, should that be required by its Creator. (Yes! That’s right! I said “Creator”). However, this globe and, in fact, the entire cosmos is not waiting to be saved by any pretentious humans with a ‘woke’ “green capitalist” agenda but is instead waiting with bated breath for something far more reliable and infinitely less deceptive — namely, as the sacred text says, to be “set free from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God”. For “the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until the present time”. It is an extraordinary thing to realise that “the creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the children of God”. From these texts (in the Letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verses 19-22), it is clear that in some way beyond our understanding — on a kind of ‘quantum level’, if I can put it like that — every atom of the entire cosmos, including the Earth, has an uncanny awareness that its present condition of lower dimensionality and corruptible matter is a temporary phenomenon which will only be alleviated and thus come to maturity at the time when those humans who have been transformed by the Spirit of God will be changed “in the twinkling of an eye” into a new form of human which transcends the notion of matter as we currently know it. That is what is meant by “the revelation of the children of God”, as quoted above. Thus, every aspect of cosmic phenomena can be likened to the pains of childbirth as the future new universe — “the new heaven and new earth”, as the sacred texts call it — waits to be brought forth from gestation and finally delivered.

Therefore, let it be proclaimed here that the only “saving” of this planet and, in fact, the entire cosmos is the one which this Earth and cosmos await which will happen at the end of this age at the cataclysmic, omnipresent return of the Christ in a simultaneously global event which will make the Aurora Borealis seem like a cheap disco lightshow. “The revelation of the children of God” in the text above (which will go hand-in-hand with the saving of the planet and cosmos) is a reference to the time at the end of this age when all those who have been ‘adopted’ into the kingdom of God through their faith and trust in Him from all ages will be resurrected and finally revealed in all the fullness of their glory. The extraordinary and exhilarating implication of this future revelation is that currently the children of God are veiled, hidden from being revealed as to the fullness of who they really are — both to themselves as well as to the world which scoffs at them. Their hearts have been renewed but they still partake in the corrupted flesh and lower-dimensional matter of this present temporary cosmos. But they know very well that the saving of this planet and the entire cosmos (and transformation of them) cannot occur until they themselves have also been transformed, as the sacred text above plainly states.

And before any Christian “environmentalists” try to get smart and say, “Well I want to make sure there is a world here for Christ to come back to” (which I have actually heard some say), think carefully about the absurdity of those words. Do they even know who the Christ really is? For, as the sacred text says: “In Christ all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together” (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 1, verses 16-17). He doesn’t need any puny humans to “make sure He has a world to come back to”. That is presumptuous arrogance and laughably unnecessary. This is the Creator we’re talking about here. The upholder of all aspects of life, whether human or not, is Christ Himself. The whole cosmos is held together by Him. All of it. Every cell, molecule, atom, quarks, leptons, hadrons, bosons (and any other as yet undiscovered or hypothetical particles) are held in place by His power 24/7/365/6. Let’s face it, if I may be so bold, Jesus don’t need no carbon tax, you suckers!


The conceited notion that we are “saving the planet” because of a few paroxysms which we don’t like (e.g. climate change, geophysical, meteorological, and astronomical phenomena, etc.) isn’t really saving the planet, for what is being proposed merely involves a few insignificant tweaks. Climate change, geophysical, meteorological, and astronomical phenomena are part and parcel of living in a fallen cosmos which is crying out for freedom from being in bondage to decay. Besides, the power-elite who claim to be so alarmed about saving the planet are not so much concerned about the environment as they are about making money and gaining control through the means they are devising to do it. Ultimately, their environmental concerns are really about controlling and even culling the world population for their own purposes. Their proposals for “saving the planet” are all part of their concept of eugenics, by which the population must be drastically reduced while privileges are extended to the obedient and sanctions (or worse) imposed on the non-compliant. They want to whittle away the individuality of each human being and enact a collectivist dystopia which sees us all eating products made from dried insects and pseudo-meat “to save the planet” while they live how they want and increase their control over you through AI and digital surveillance. They will gradually install a ‘transhumanist’ way of life under the cloak of environmental concern; but all they are really concerned with ultimately is installing a one-world government and controlling the world. All this plays wholly into the hands of the fallen archangel, Satan, whose empire is being established while godless evil comes to its head. That is also what lies behind this pandemic, which is setting the scene for the dystopia by creating a two-class system based on either obedience or dissidence to their medical tyranny. [For further information about the alleged pandemic, see my article: You Have Been Spooked! The Role of Intelligence Assets, Sensationalised Statistics, Psychological Techniques, and the Pharmaceutical Mafia in Official Policy Against Covid-19 ]. The power-elite has scored a huge victory by turning that obedient majority (at least 80%) against the dissidents, making it look as if it is the dissidents who are a threat to the health of society, when in fact the very opposite is true! Most of the world’s populations are now even easier to condition than Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s dogs.

That this evil should come to its head is all part of the build-up to the end of the age. For when untransformed humanity is left to its own devices, narcissism and human hubris will naturally proliferate to breaking point on the planet — all of which has huge cosmic consequences. For the more wayward and apostate the world becomes — wallowing in its narcissism, indulging in situation ethics, gluttonously consuming, exercising tyranny, scoffing at the idea of a Creator, interfering in the God-given human genetic structure, basing a whole world-system on property and pecuniary greed, setting up a false utopia based on AI and nanotechnology, exercising tyranny, rejecting the reality of Christ having come in the flesh, and so on — the more the elements of the cosmos will be shaken by what look like natural catastrophes but are merely symptomatic of an apostate, disintegrating society. Terrors on earth are simply a fitting cellular manifestation of the madness of its peoples. Authorities will say that all this is being caused by climate change and will increasingly charge taxes and put onerous burdens on people without stopping to realise the correlation between human apostasy and cosmic mayhem. Surely, we are now in the midst of the great apostasy mentioned in the prophecy in the Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 3, which is said to “come first”, then the revealing of “the man of lawlessness”, the Antichrist. Surely, also, we are in the days building up to when a one-world government will be formed for the first time in human history. Who will the leader of that be, I wonder? The Christ plainly showed that the “signs in the heavens” and on earth will increase in intensity as the end of this age draws near (see the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verses 1-27). So, expect life on earth to be exceedingly rocky here on in.


The first humans were originally placed as guardians of this earth by its Creator and charged to care for it and tend to it. Despite the fact that they fell at the first hurdle and were deceived by a fallen archangel and his realm of darkness does not change that original charge of guardianship. But this is only really of significance if humans as guardians work in sync with the Divine will rather than using science and technology in an hubristic, bellicose, tyrannical, or antitheist manner. This is why any policies claiming to be for preventing climate change or saving the planet are worthless without acknowledgement of the Divine will and working in sync with that will. It is meaningless to claim one wants to “save the planet” if one scoffs at the very idea of the Creator of it and instead imagines we have all crawled out of a cosmic soup through the satanic theory of Darwinist evolution. What a clever ruse that has been, by which people feel justified in denying the existence of a Creator.

You may say, “Why can’t we just make this world a better place and follow the flow of evolution to a wonderful conclusion?” Presumably that means like Teilhard de Chardin’s so-called “Omega Point”. The reason is because one cannot do that with a 3-D world rooted in disease, death, and corruption and in which the vast majority of human hearts are corrupted and centred on self. The mass of people does not want to hear that this is intrinsically a fallen world and made so by its Creator to teach us the lesson which most reject with both hands over their ears. That lesson is the Creator saying, “Without Me, you can do nothing of any real significance”. And the best of intentions cannot change that. In order for any kind of world to continue to a glorious outcome, it has to be completely transformed from the ground up. And it will be. But not by us. Until that time, there will continue to be anomalies, traumata, and catastrophes in the earth and in the heavens — whether volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, and acute changes in climate. The only reason that the rich and powerful are making such a song and dance about climate change is because they can use it as “atrocity propaganda” to make you fearful enough to go along with their transhumanist agenda, which is their chosen deceptive pathway to absolute control, denying as it does the fallen nature of humanity and seeking to overturn it through humanistic methods — even seeking immortality. [For more details about the use of “atrocity propaganda”, see my article: The Globalist Endgame & ‘Atrocity Propaganda’: What Do a Girl Named Greta, Faux-Environmentalism, & the New Age Movement Have in Common? For details about the transhumanist agenda, see my article: Transhumanism, Posthumans & the Need for Authentic Leadership ].


I know it is hard to receive this but the idea that we just have to demonstrate a little harder or have a better political system is of no lasting effect whatsoever. Demonstrations are doomed for a number of reasons: first, political leaders are not swayed by them; second, they will never be reported correctly in the media; third, if they become too large, they will be infiltrated by intelligence agency/police agents provocateurs to cause trouble and thus discredit the movement. As a friend on social media rightly stated recently: Just to keep things in their proper perspective, between January and April 2003, an estimated 36 million people around the world took part in some 3,000 protests against the Iraq war. And they STILL embarked on that disastrous war anyways”. Even groups allegedly formed to combat climate change are front organisations. As was rightly stated on the Facebook page, ‘Extinction Rebellion is a Scam’, “Extinction Rebellion is a shill organisation created to support the AI/Smart/Internet of Things agenda, UN Agenda 21/30, population reduction, and the fraud of ‘global warming’ caused by Co2. They are shills for the elite psychopaths that are members of the Club of Rome”. Artificial Intelligence or transhumanist/nanotechnological tweaks will never change what is fundamentally wrong with this world. For the whole world lies under the power of the demonic realm overseen by the fallen archangel, Satan. This is the elephant in the room. Thus, until the demonic realm has been supernaturally eradicated from the cosmos, that cosmos will not be transformed but will descend into a pit of darkness, because that demonic realm is programmed to see its attempts at empire taken to their conclusion, prior to an infernal judgement on this world which will be the gamechanger. And when the great supernatural transformation that follows has been effected, the resultant cosmos will not be the one which exists now. For the cosmos in its present form has just been a temporary phenomenon as a kind of ‘bridge’ between the original creation and the new creation which will be brought into being by God at the return of the Christ at the end of this age, just as He has promised in the sacred texts of the Bible.

Many so-called “truther” people — despite their insights into current conspiracy and governmental malevolence — do not want to hear this. They cannot and will not think further than this present world in its fallen state and desperately want to believe that it must be saved at all costs through human actions alone — that we all have to come together as one in peace and harmony, vote a little better, resist a little harder, and all will be hunky-dory. I’m sorry to be a party-pooper but this is an utterly vain idea. The only way forward individually and as a species is to turn one’s life around completely, submit to the fact that one is a created being and that this Earth is part of a creation effected by that Creator for a purpose. The moment you do that, you will no longer feel the need to continually pontificate about the myriad facets of conspiracy in the world. For you will realise that this is not unusual because you will come to see that the whole world has been under the power of darkness from time immemorial. It will not then be a question of “How can I warn as many people as possible to resist the new world order”, but rather of “How can I help people to see that living in sync with the Divine will is infinitely more important than the latest conspiracy news”. One cannot “smash the new world order” because it is a vehicle for the coming one-world government satanic empire which cannot be stopped by human hands. Of course, we do need to expose the works of darkness but that must always be secondary to shining the Light of the Christ into that darkness, otherwise all we will be doing is spreading the stench of despair.

This is hard for “truthers” because they feel this constant need to obsess about conspiracies, which is really not good for the soul, while proffering the mistaken idea that if we all resist enough then we can overturn the darkness. While resisting evil regimes is de rigueur for any authentic human, one must not be under the illusion that the forces which are paving the way for one-world government (which is where all this is inevitably leading) will capitulate. This kind of thinking happens when one has a wholly earthbound view of what is going on in the world and fails to realise the involvement of spiritual forces of darkness which will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. The world is building up to a situation in which the evil humans engaging in conspiracies and enforcing them will be able to incarcerate and even eradicate dissenters while most of the population couldn’t care less, would betray them at the drop of a hat, and will even applaud the persecution of those dissenters. This is where we are heading. You have already seen at the current time how the vaccinated irrationally blame the unvaccinated; and some will even hope they become ill and even die (as I have seen in a number of contexts). They wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they saw you being dragged off by enforcement agencies. In fact, they would say it serves you right for being so individualistic and selfish!

All of this is not to say that we should capitulate in any way to the forces of darkness. Not at all! On the contrary, being a disciple of the Christ is to be part of a counterculture. Disciples of the Christ are completely at odds with the world-system and should set the lead in being dissidents of that system. For the world-system is based on the notion that ‘cash is king’, along with the proliferation of ‘beast-government’ and tyranny against the people and against God. But this countercultural dissidence is very different to any mere rebellion which has no spiritual basis. This is why disciples of the Christ need to set the tone for leadership at this present time, to show the spiritual basis of all that is happening in the world, where it is leading, and that the only way forward is to pledge oneself to Christ. [For more information on this, see my article, “At Odds With the World: Ekklesia, the Only Lasting Counterculture” ].


Before going any further, one has to bear in mind that all worldish conspiracies are derivative of one mighty conspiracy: that of the forces of darkness in their desperation to oppose the Christ and ensure that a knowledge of His life and work is suppressed, while at the same time building a satanic empire. [For more details on this, see my article: Knowledge Which Has Deliberately Been Kept From You ]. All the big conspiracies in this world are contributing in some way to that agenda. This is the big picture on which we should set our eyes rather than getting lost in the minutiae of those conspiracies which are merely derivative of the big one which lies behind them. Actually, it is Christ who is ultimately the target of all conspiracies because all conspiracies are initiated by Satan and everything he does is done to oppose the kingdom of Christ while building his own counterfeit empire. Once one realises this, a huge light turns on inside one’s being. For one then realises that the whole of human history has been all about the war on Christ and His disciples by Satan in his mad bid to build a global empire — His new world order. This is why it is so important to ensure that one is on the ‘right’ side. There can be no neutrality. One is either Christ’s or Satan’s.


Many are definitely waking up to the fact that something strange is happening in the world today. I’ve heard this from a number of people who normally believe the concocted narrative they hear on their TVs but who are also beginning to sense that there are things which just do not add up about the agenda being foisted on the world. When I try to explain this to them in the most gentle manner, they usually hit a brick wall in their thinking and say, “There is no way I can believe that they would do that”, the word “they” being in reference to the behaviour of their governments. And this is a major problem. For mostpeople believe that their governments only have the best interests of the people at heart. This is because they imagine that what their ‘elected representatives’ have outlined in an election manifesto is the real agenda to be fulfilled. They cannot grasp that a government can only enact what is desired by the power-elite for which no one votes, and which really runs the show (or imagines it does).

There is an even deeper disconnect here. A number of people, including relatives, have said to me, “Actually, I can see that what you are saying is true but there is no way that I can accept it or my whole world will fall apart”. And here is the real brick wall: The fear which has been inculcated in people’s minds through years of conditioning and social engineering. I can only respond by saying that you have to be prepared to let your false idea of that “whole world” fall apart; for the world that you have constructed in your head (or, rather, the world which has been constructed in your head for you by your parents, teachers, priests, ministers, media, and politicians) is an entirely false one which has been designed in order to better control you. The time has come to ditch the entirely false world in our heads and replace it with one which reflects objective reality.

Is clear that a great many people — and the number is increasing daily — are beginning to wake up to the fact that their worldview is a false one which has been progressively imposed on them by authority figures and ‘significant others’ since Day 1 in their lives. This can only be a good thing. But I have to issue a caveat here. For mere social and psychological awareness is only penetrating the web of evil in this world on a superficial level of understanding. So superficial, in fact, that such awareness only leads people into believing something which is just as false as the worldview which they used to hold before they became more aware. That is, they imagine that all they have to do is mobilise enough people to engage in civil disobedience, or demonstrate outside a congress or parliament, or vote into office a different bunch of politicians in order to eradicate all the evil and corruption in the world. This is an illusion. For social and psychological awareness of the affairs of this world (which are a good start) need to be augmented with a further level of awareness, namely a spiritual one, in order to develop a deeper understanding of global evil.

None of what is happening in the world at this present time can be properly understood without the requisite spiritual awareness. If the spiritual dimension is missing from one’s understanding, then one will just become lost in a kind of desperate paranoia which runs around telling people they must ‘resist’ or ranting about how we must “save the planet”. But no mere human resistance can possibly deal with what we are witnessing now. There are forces involved which will never capitulate. To imagine they will is the height of naivety. And I do not refer here merely to human forces but demonic/archontic ones about which mostpeople have no awareness whatsoever. These forces will stop at nothing to maintain control. If needs be, they will ‘up’ their game to involve ubiquitous false flag operations, terrorist attacks manipulated by intelligence networks, more pandemics, mass detention and ultimately assassination (which already happens to influential dissidents). Certainly, various tactical forms of civil disobedience are necessary in the life of the spiritual soul — not only because of personal ethics but also out of the need to give clear leadership to others about what is acceptable and what is not. But that kind of action is simply a marker of morality and personal integrity; it will not really change what is fundamentally wrong with this world.


My friends, we are in the midst of a furious spiritual battle which is rapidly building towards its climax and denouement. You can have the greatest awareness possible about the conspiracies and cabals which are shaping current world developments; but if you do not see all that as having its origins in a spiritual battle of cosmic proportions then you are missing the very foundation of life and meaning in this ultimate aeon of Earth and cosmos in its current form. We now stand on the cusp of an era and its denouement (the fifth in human history) which is going to have a similarly far-reaching effect on planetary existence as has happened only four times before. These four were definitive turning points of global significance in the chequered history of humanity. The Fall of humanity itself, the Flood, Babel and the coming of the Christ. These have been milestones in the spiritual battle which has determined the flow of history from its alpha to its omega. The connecting points between these events are that the Creator of the cosmos drastically intervened in His human creation with global ramifications for the sake of the continuance of the Divine plan. Let me expand on these four events a little…

At the time of the Fall, when the first created humans were duped by the deceptions of the already-fallen archangel, Satan, God initiated His plan for the salvation not only of humans but also the entire cosmos. This involved judgemental edicts which altered the course of history. Firstly, He instigated the descent into corruptible matter, by which death, decay and corruption became a reality along with all manner of hardships (the daily grind, disease, accidents, the pain of childbirth, etc.). Secondly, He gave a clear indication that an eventual offspring who would be far mightier and more powerful than Satan would inflict fatal harm to the fallen archangel (Book of Genesis, chapter 3, verse 15), as indeed happened on the cross. From that point on, all human history was about the coming of Christ through the chosen bloodline and Satan’s attempts to thwart that. It was vital that the bloodline to the promised Seed should be kept alive and untainted.

In Noah’s time, as the sacred text says, “the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil all the time” (Book of Genesis, chapter 6, verse 5). In fact what had happened was that a horde of fallen angels (demons) had manifested in human form and impregnated innumerable women, giving rise to a pile of mutants called Nephilim. All this was a direct threat to the future bloodline of the Christ and bloodlines in general. It was an obscene blot on the human creation. So much so that the fallen angels (incubi) who perpetrated this obscenity were among a special class of demon so foul that they were placed under constraint for the rest of this age and will only be released at the end of the age in a terrible judgement on the apostate world. (See the Second Letter of Peter, chapter 2, verse 4, and Letter of Jude, chapter 1, verse 6, and the Book of Revelation, chapter 9, verses 3-11). So all people except Noah and his household perished in the Flood. The second of the four times (so far) that God has directly intervened in a major way with global ramifications to keep His plan going. The third time was when a confederation of peoples at Babel tried to make a name for itself and set itself up against the Creator by building a huge tower. It was an archetype or forerunner of the global empire which Satan has been trying to create (which one day will be realised in a one-world government). But it was broken up by Divine intervention and language was scrambled.

The fourth major Divine intervention in His human creation as a fulfilment of His plan of salvation was when the Divine Logos was manifested in the flesh in Israel as the man, Yeshua ben Josef, who we know as Jesus the Christ. This was the pivotal point in the entire creation. Every event prior to that looked forward to it and every event since then has been the result of it. For when this world was created, its Creator knew very well that a Fall would happen because the creature when left to its own devices in freewill will inevitably have a tendency to pride and rebellion. This has been the reality through the annals of time. So an ‘antidote’ was already planned and was fulfilled with the coming of the Christ, upon whom all the human and demonic darkness and evil of this world was poured. He came to break the hold of death and the consequences of moral failure through His own death and subsequent resurrection and ascension. [This requires an article in itself, but see my recent essay, “Knowledge Which Has Deliberately Been Kept From You” ]. I will lay out the fifth Divine intervention, which is yet to come in history, in the conclusion below.


Now you may say at this point, “Why are you writing about all this in a piece which is about saving the planet?” The reason is because everything is linked up. The pandemic, the climate-change fiasco, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and all the other actions prompted by the power-elite in this world are all merely parts of a much wider agenda involving the bid to create a one-world government and cannot be seen outside that context. This is not an agenda which can be prevented. One may be able to slow it down a little; but it is really a juggernaut on its way to its fateful conclusion and it will ride roughshod over all those who oppose it. In the meantime, the power-elite will use any methods possible to achieve its goal, of which the climate change bandwagon is merely one of those methods.

That satanically-inspired power elite is not remotely concerned about acting as a steward of God in the preservation of this Earth. Not at all. Their only interest is in control, as Satan’s empire is being built, whether they are knowing accomplices or not (I suspect that some are and some not so much). In any case, politicians, transhumanists, and billionaires cannot at all be trusted to save any planet. They are simply using the “atrocity propaganda” of climate change (“If we don’t act, we’ll soon be extinct!”) in order to better bring into being their own corrupt agenda. Bear in mind that the same politicians who turn up to global symposiums to make up rules to save the planet also preside over a myriad nuclear and other destructive weapons, as well as sell chemical weapons around the world. They are also avidly engaged in research and development on biological weapons. The USA and NASA even want to build a nuclear fission plant ON THE MOON! What could go wrong with that? The country of Sweden, from where Greta Thunberg hails, is “the third largest arms exporter per capita after Israel and Russia” [ https://www.businessinsider.com/swedens-dirty-secret-they-arm-dictators-2014-5?r=US&IR=T ]. Clean up your own backyard, Greta! The hypocrisy is breathtaking. This planet really needs saving from all the people who claim to want to save it!

EPILOGUE: The 5th Event of Global Significance in Human History in Which God Will Intervene

As I said above, “We now stand on the cusp of an era and its denouement (the fifth in human history) which is going to have a similarly far-reaching effect on planetary existence as has happened only four times before”. For there is a fifth and final human event which will trigger a global intervention by the Creator — the last that will be necessary while the cosmos is in its present temporary form. That human event will be the fulfilment of Satan’s empire in the installation of a one-world government over which will reign the Antichrist prophesied in the Bible. It is towards this that the whole of history has been moving and especially the time since the ascension of Christ, which was the trigger for a huge thrust in the war Satan has waged against God (see the Book of Revelation, chapter 12, verses 7-12 & ) and which has resulted in so much demonic activity since then and which has been multiplying hugely in the last few decades as global communications have become instantaneous and technology has advanced in secret. Once that global leader is installed (known in the sacred texts as “the man of lawlessness” in the culmination of what was characterized as the “beast” or “monster” in the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation), it will herald a time of terrible persecution of Christ’s disciples and all who oppose the Antichrist. But that reign of his will not last long, for it will trigger the Divine intervention of which I speak: the return of the Christ. The period between His ascension some two-thousand years ago and the time of His coming again has been like a kind of mopping up operation after the war has been won (which it was on the cross and immediately after), for which this Earth has been the theatre of that war, intensifying as the age goes by. When Christ comes again, it will not be as a rabbi in Israel but as a cosmic explosion of Light which will be seen simultaneously by all across this earth. For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man” (Gospel of Matthew 24, verse 27). That event is the only one which is going to save this planet from the ravages of fallen humans, for it will transform it from corruption to perfection.

I love this planet as much as I hope that you do. But “saving the planet” is not our role and any vain attempts to do so are just ruses for the power-elite to bring in the satanic empire. Christ will do that saving in the only way in which this planet can be saved — in its complete transformation from base matter to a form in which death and corruption can have no place. So do not fall for any of this climate change nonsense. It’s a ruse. Climate changes continually. There have been mini-ice-ages and warm periods at different times in history. The current hysteria is nothing less than “atrocity propaganda”, as you will see if you follow the relevant links I have given above. One will be considerably wiser when one realises that nothing makes sense until it is seen against the backcloth of the desire by the power-elite to create a one-world government. To that end, they will use any ruse possible — whether false flag operations, pandemics, or atrocity propaganda. It all dovetails together. The same production company lies behind it all. This is an era of great deception and subterfuge. There is little in the form of human activity in which you can have honesty and authenticity. There are pockets of epiphany and resistance everywhere; and it is my heartfelt hope that all those who have seen through the deception and subterfuge will go on to perceive that it has been masterminded as part of a wider spiritual battle which will not end until the return of the Christ and that they will therefore become disciples of Christ as well as dissidents opposed to satanic activity.

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