WHILE YOUR MIND is being distracted by the latest psychological operation (psyop) about Ukraine which aims to dumb you down even further into being a mindless puppet for the forces of darkness, lest we forget… the Covid-19 debacle was an act of genocide by which up to 80% of those who died need not have done so if they had been allowed to take a simple cure at home long before any hospital treatment was necessary. But this was DELIBERATELY blocked by those with a vested interest, who made you think it was only a “horse-dewormer”. This is proven conclusively in this short video which shows how the “$cientist” (Dr Andrew Hill in the video) who could have given the green light to the use of a cheap readily-available drug called Ivermectin in a paper to the WHO was ‘shadowed’ by two mysterious characters who clearly vetoed him from doing so. We are talking about bigtime corruption and obfuscation here. When he is challenged about this by a doctor colleague (Dr Tess Lawrie) in the video, his body language (especially his guilty face language) is utterly cringeworthy. I am so ridiculously empathic that I almost felt sorry for him. That is a broken man who cannot even look Tess in the eye. His broken ethics and broken spirit broke my heart. You may think that to be strange because the man is an obvious coward who sold out to save his own ass; but many scientists were blackmailed into compliance and, although their cowardly behaviour is reprehensible, the ones who blackmailed and railroaded them bear an even greater guilt. Even Tess said she would forgive him if he publicly exposed and refuted those who had pressurized him into withdrawing his endorsement of Ivermectin.

Anyway, I challenge you to watch this short video and then continue to deny that the last two years have been nothing less than genocide. By the way, justice will not be done. There may be an “Inquiry” but it will be a whitewash which will merely declare that “lessons must be learned” amidst all the usual cover-up bullshit. Remember this: Nothing is what it seems in this mendacious world — more so now than ever. That also applies to the current psyop about Ukraine. Keep awake! 💝