The Grand Inquisitor scene from Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov”. Sir John Gielgud as the Grand Inquisitor


Everywhere on the internet and in the media one can read that Russian writers and composers should be “cancelled”. Already the great conductor, Valery Gergiev, has been forced to resign his conductorships at the Edinburgh Festival and elsewhere. It was announced by the Milano-Bicocca University in Milan that a course on Dostoevsky would be cancelled; but I read that it has just backed down from that. [See ]. I don’t think I have ever heard anything so stupid as all this cancelling. What would it possibly achieve in real terms, other than the deprivation of the world of great artists? It is just spiteful virtue-signalling. Those who do the cancelling (and those who love that they are being cancelled, for there are many) do not even deserve to walk on the same ground on which these great artists walked. The ignorant masses who allow themselves to have what little there is left of their brains herded about like ants or clone-like robots are a sorry sight in this world. Sadly, one needs a brain to read great books and listen to great compositions. This has nothing to do with I.Q. For the deep appreciation of great art is a spiritual endeavour arising in the soul. The reason people now want to “cancel” these giants of artistic achievement is the cauterization of their brains, minds and souls by the psychopathic propaganda of their satanic governments and their apparatchiks. Have you ever listened to a Shostakovich symphony? Really listened? Have you ever read a Dostoevsky novel? Really read it? You need an unfettered mind and soul for that — an uncauterized brain. Is that what you have? Now read on below…

In chapter 5 of the book by Fyodor Dostoevsky, “The Brothers Karamazov”, one of the characters proposes a story in which Christ suddenly comes back to earth at the height of the Catholic Church’s Inquisition, the day after a hundred heretics have been burned at the stake. The Grand Inquisitor (the one who questions and sentences so-called “heretics”) immediately has Christ arrested outside Seville cathedral, and thrown into prison, where Christ is interrogated by him. “The Inquisitor claims that despite his good intentions, Christ misunderstood human nature, and that the Church has corrected his mistake. He then tells the silent Christ that tomorrow he will burn Him at the stake and that the ‘obedient flock’ will rush to pile up the wood on the flames”. He tells Christ that the mass of people do not need freedom and must be controlled by the Church through “miracle, mystery and authority”. This is an astonishing scene which reveals so much about the true nature of the world, how stupid people are and how easily they are influenced and manipulated by unscrupulous, bullying and powermongering “authorities”. The Church’s Grand Inquisitor (who actually admits to working for Satan by preference) says to Christ:

“What I say to you will come to pass, and our kingdom shall be accomplished. I tell you again: tomorrow you will see that obedient flock, which at the first nod of my head will rush to rake up the hot embers to the bonfire on which I am going to burn you for having come to get in our way. For if there ever was one who deserved our bonfire more than anyone else, it is you. Tomorrow I am going to burn you. Dixi. (I have spoken)”.

Imagine a church person saying that to the Christ! Prior to that, in a similar way, but with more nuance, the Grand Inquisitor said to Christ: “Tomorrow I shall find you guilty and burn you at the stake as the most wicked of heretics, and those same people who today kissed your feet will tomorrow at one wave of my hand rush to rake up the embers on your bonfire”. Those words superbly demonstrate not only the power which has been usurped by the corrupt Church but also the fickleness and mindless obedience of the mass of people, who will turn on whoever they are told to do so. Just like recently with the unvaksynaytid and now with anything deemed to be “Russian”. They have always been the same. Remember that this book was published in 1880. It is a rancorous truth that most people will betray truthtellers at the drop of a hat. Even if one minute they have been rejoicing over them, the next minute they will be reviling them. Such is the fickleness of the fallen human heart.

The video I have attached to this little piece is utterly spinetingling. It is a dramatization of the interrogation scene in the Grand Inquisitor chapter, with Sir John Gielgud as the Grand Inquisitor and Michael Feast as the silent Christ. It is faithful to the text. Just read all the comments below the video, which has plainly had a profound effect on those who watched it, whether they believe or not. One says: “Behold….this is the single most profound piece of writing ever set to paper by a mortal man”. I agree. (If you also want to read the whole of that chapter 5, which is a literary masterpiece, here is the link: ).

Whether or not you can understand what Dostoevsky is saying here is a litmus test of whether or not you will become cannon fodder for the governments who are now deceiving you and telling you what to think about a certain bellicose situation of which you know nothing about of importance. Just as they have been telling you what to think about a certain pandemic for the last two years, about 9/11, and about a mountain of other concocted events going right back to the assassination of JFK. Governments (and religions) can rely on the pig-ignorance of the masses to spread their deadly deeds and foment their phony dynasties and empires. Whether you remain pig-ignorant is entirely up to you. You have a choice. Do not pretend that you don’t. That is the comfortable lie that you use to prevent yourself from having to face up to uncomfortable truths. You have a choice and you will be judged for it.

So, are you going to believe the Grand Inquisitor or the Christ, who the most part of the Church would crucify all over again, should He come to earth as a man (rather than the cosmic flash of Light with which He will truly return at the end of this age to bring in the new age)? This is a serious question. If you submit to evil mendacious governments then you are preparing the way for the Antichrist (and thereby already have “the mark of the beast”). But if you stand beautifully and elegantly for truth in the face of overwhelming falsehood, then you have taken a first tentative and preparatory step towards being a disciple of the Christ and refusing the ‘spirit of the Antichrist’. Then it is up to you to go all the way and devote your entire life to Him. As Dostoevsky rightly said: “I believe there is no one deeper, lovelier, more sympathetic and more perfect than Jesus”. And with even more emphasis, Dostoevsky said: “The most pressing question on the problem of faith is whether a man as a civilized being can believe in the divinity of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, for therein rests the whole of our faith”. This is the issue which is going to define a person in terms of being able to make sense of this world and its climaxing evil. What we are seeing around us is mere preparation for times the like of which have never been seen on earth before and never will again after the chasm at the heart of this cosmos has been resolved, as it will be in God’s timing.

Make your choice. It isn’t rocket science. The Grand Inquisitor or the Christ. That’s it.