Roadmap for Publication of “The Essential Apocalypse”

AS I AM RECEIVING MESSAGES asking when my book, “The Essential Apocalypse – Making Sense of the Book of Revelation”, will be issued, here is a roadmap for publication. The book started as a twinkle in my eye some years ago. Some of you know that I have spoken about it for years. However, I was not ready to begin writing it until July of last year, when the text sprang to life. Although it was completed as a first draft by the beginning of April, it has been with proof-readers since then. Now they have completed their task, having made hundreds of typographical corrections and given suggestions. I have been going through the text with a fine toothcomb myself in one final read-through for the past couple of weeks and I should be finished by this weekend. A number of new pages have been added by me and many improvements have been made. (The page-count now stands at 656 with 216,000 words). This final read-through has all been done while planning and arranging a big move. (More information about this is coming next week!). I am therefore hoping to place the eBook of it here on this website for free download, if all goes according to plan, on Friday June 10th. This eBook will be in a fully interactive PDF format, which can be read on any screen and can even be imported into a Kindle. Readers are subsequently welcome to make suggestions and these will be noted or incorporated if approved. After two or three months of that feedback, if funds can be raised, the book could be printed in physical form as a large-format high-quality paperback.

So there you have it! That is the roadmap. Thank you to all those who have prayed, sponsored and encouraged me during this gestation process.

Blessings & Best Wishes from me to you. 💝