A NEW ARTICLE is approaching completion:

It is now at what I call the “floor-editing” stage (photo attached so you can see how I work), in which I print it all out to get a better overview than on a computer, so I can switch sections, mark up divisions and generate headings. Entitled “Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA, Mind-Control & the Use of Religion as a Tool of the New World Order”, and containing almost 30,000 words (the size of a 100-page paperback book) with 130+ footnotes, this in-depth article shows how, during the past century and a half, occult forces are using intelligence agencies in religio-spiritual settings (including New Age and so-called “Christian” circles) to shape the world into its upcoming acceptance of global government under a single leader. This will soon appear on my website, hopefully sometime next week, and a link to it will be placed here on Facebook. It’s all a labour of love. 💖