SOMEONE: 30,000 words? You’ve got to be kidding! Can’t you cut the waffle and sum the article up in a couple of pages? I’d read it then.

ME: You, my friend, are your own worst enemy and the enemy of your own education. There is a lack of logic and a big lie in your words which reveal how much you have been brainwashed by a culture which wants to keep you ignorant and stupid. You are playing right into their hands. Firstly, if I cut it down to a couple of pages, it would be easily refutable as the proofs would not be there (and it is full of many extraordinary proofs). I am from the “leave-no-stone-unturned” school of writing and I use a sledgehammer to crack a nut because the nut is made of tungsten on steroids. I can guarantee that if there is a stone left unturned, that will be the one which is used to show that what I write is untrue. We are dealing with ruthless, evil liars. Knowledge is liberating. I do not share what I do in order to boost the intellect but to liberate the mind to think freely and in a manner which cannot be controlled by evil forces. Secondly, you say that if I cut the article down to a couple of pages then you would read it. Can’t you even see that if you read just a couple of pages a day (if that is what you have allowed to be your cognitive limit), then you would have read the entire 30,000-word article in three weeks! You have turned yourself into an intellectual snowflake who cannot even see the lack of logic and mendacity in your own thinking. Free your mind and broaden the vision of your soul!

Reading is a means of feeding. So many today are controlled by subjective feelings and look down on objective knowledge as being inferior. But right knowledge is a key to a profundity which many deny themselves. If you believe that you know it all, then fair enough. But if you starve yourself, then you will slowly waste away through anorexia of the mind — a condition which has now reached pandemic level.