FOR MANY YEARS, it has been my custom to write a new war-poem each year to be published for November the 11th, the memorial date of the Armistice signed in 1918 at the end of the First World War. This year, I am doing something more substantial than a single poem. So I here present to you a completely updated and revised edition of a much smaller essay I wrote in 2014, with the provocative title, “War is Who we Are”, which I have now expanded into a 131-page eBook, with 38,000 words. It is available for free download in link at the foot of this page.

As well as the main text in the book, there are now 24 poems and sonnets at the conclusion of the book on the subjects of conflict and war, compared to just 14 in the 1st edition. The main text of the book, which contains a 25,500-word essay, is now 73% larger than the 1st edition from 2014. So this is a substantial rewrite of the entire work which I have just completed. Here is the Table of Contents, so you can see for yourself the kind of scope that it contains.

The 1st edition of “War is Who we Are” — due to my own intensive spiritual questionings, and more than a few dark nights of the soul at that time — concentrated exclusively on the psychological causes of conflict and war. This 2nd edition expands on those psychological causes, while also providing a thorough exposition of the spiritual background which has given rise to those psychological causes. For the psychological cannot properly be understood without immersing oneself in an understanding of the spiritual.

The power-elite warmongers and the masters of war gloat as they consolidate their satanic powerbase of evil ‘while sipping sherry and Vermouth on their lawns and at their garden parties’ — a conflation of lines in two of my war-poems at the end of this book. This entire work has therefore been written as a massive explosion in the faces of all those who contribute to the evil of war.

I now commend this little book to you, on this Armistice/Remembrance Day of the year 2022, in the hope that it will deepen your understanding of war as the macrocosm of the microcosm of our own conflict-stricken natures. Until those natures are totally transformed — for which copious guidelines and pointers are given throughout this book — war will tragically continue to be who we are… right through to the very end of this age…

This eBook is an ‘interactive’ PDF document, containing the following mouse-clickable or touchscreen elements: All bookmarks, headings on the Contents pages, email addresses and weblinks in both the main text and footnotes. It can be read in any PDF ‘reader’, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc. You can also easily import it to your Kindle reader or the Kindle programme on your desktop/laptop computer or phone. This eBook is best read on an iPad, tablet or laptop/desktop computer, though a phone can be used in landscape mode if necessary.

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