Above are the front and rear covers of a new 120-page eBook. It builds on a much smaller essay which I created in 1998. A second expanded edition came some years later, still in A4 essay format. Now that second edition has been expanded even further with 25% more material into an attractive eBook in large paperback format for the third edition. And it is still entirely free of charge to download (see link below). Here is the Table of Contents so you can get an idea of what it contains:

If you’ve read a previous version, please don’t think that you do not need to read this new, entirely updated edition. It is now much tighter and even more closely argued. It is a book you can feel confident to give to others to read. Due to peer pressure, so many Christians feel compelled to support the modern state of Israel, believing it to be a restoration of the Israel of the Bible. But the Bible’s own evidence defies that notion. Make no mistake, the new Judaizers have become like a cult and if you do not go along with them, they will try to crucify your reputation and become increasingly nasty, accusing you of adhering to a heresy they invented, called “Replacement Theology”. Please do not be distracted from your quest for truth by these fanatical tactics. Holding to truth has never brought popularity and you may find yourself “contra mundum”. So be it! Uncomfortable truth eclipses agreeable lies. Always.

The free download link for this new eBook is below. I hope you find it a rewarding read:

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