THERE ARE THREE ‘departments’ or ‘wings’ in the way that the power-elite (secret global government) imposes its will in the world. The way that the power-elite works in human affairs is like this: The law enforcement, military and security services are responsible for implementing and enforcing the plans of that secret government. Then the politics that people take so seriously is simply the ‘entertainment division’ of the secret global government which really runs your country, providing entertainment for the masses, so that they imagine they are participating in some kind of ‘democratic’ choice of government. Alongside of this, the mainstream media is the ‘propaganda division’ of the secret government.

Thus, there is a kind of ‘triumvirate’ of departments or divisions acting overtly on behalf of the power-elite (secret global government) in this world. These are: 1) The Enforcement Division; 2) The Entertainment Division; and 3) The Propaganda Division. This is how they keep everything covered. The Enforcement Division involves law enforcement, military & security services. The Entertainment Division involves presidents, prime ministers, politicians, governments, parliaments, senates & congresses. The Propaganda Division involves newspapers, journals, TV & news corporations. For the real power in this world does not lie in the ‘elected people’ in your parliaments and senates. A general election is the regular reality drama production designed by that entertainment division on behalf of the secret global government of the power-elite for the purposes of diversion, distraction and illusory participation. At present, that global government remains secret to avoid public scrutiny or objections. It only acts overtly through the abovementioned ‘Triumvirate’. But it is building up to the time when it will be manifested publicly.

Therefore, elections and the subsequent workings of parliaments, congresses, and senates are merely one huge charade, acted out in order to anaesthetize the mass of people into a crippling mindset of ignorance and illusion. The lower grade of politicians are mostly unaware of this and naively imagine they have autonomy to change the world. But the higher up the scale one goes, the more they are made fully aware concerning the charade in which they are participating and that they are, without exception, ‘owned’. Politicians are nothing more than patsies and gofers for the power-elite. The reality, therefore, is that democracy is entirely non-existent on this planet.

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