The above image is from the 3rd century ‘Papyrus 47’ manuscript, which shows a fragment of the uncial Greek text of the Book of Revelation with the highlighted letters χ, ξ and Ϛ denoting the old Greek numbers for 600, 60 and 6 (666)

[Below, you will find a little 3-paragraph ‘taster’ of the essay on which I am working, entitled “The Meaning of Apocalypse: A Primer on the Book of Revelation”. I hope that reading it whets your appetite to read more. Already at over 40 paperback pages (15,000+ words), it is turning into a little book which I hope will be on my blog before the end of July]

FROM THE START OF CHAPTER 4, which begin the seven visions which reveal what must come to pass throughout this present age, it is important to remember that from this point onward the subject matter of the Book of Revelation is expressly all about what lies behind these words of the Christ which He spoke shortly before his crucifixion: “Now is the judgement of this world. Now the ruler of this world will be cast out” (Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31). This is one of the pivotal verses in the whole Bible. The Greek word translated as “ruler” there is ἄρχων, archon, meaning chief or overlord. Through deception and lies, the fallen archangel Satan (for that is the ‘archon’ to whom these words refer) had usurped rulership of the cosmos. How that cosmic satanic usurpation had occurred and how it will be utterly overturned by Divine decree is what the Bible is all about from start to finish and that decree is symbolically summed-up in chapter 5 of the Book of Revelation as the scroll with seven seals. The Book of Revelation, as the final book of the Bible, is a summary recapitulation of that satanic usurpation and its overturning, with the supreme accent on the overturning. It is a saga of the triumph of Light in this cosmos through the One who is the sole Source of that Light and the sole Creator of that cosmos!

The words in the above paragraph would be judged by most people in this world to be completely delusional and likely to bring accusations against the author of having mental health problems! That is how far the global apostasy has reached and how far from sanity this world has strayed. For that paragraph is at the very heart of any consideration of morality, civilisation, life, and death. Understanding how this world got into the mess it is in and how it will uniquely be rescued supernaturally from that mess is precisely what the Book of Revelation involves. World leaders, establishment church and religious leaders and all those responsible for the welfare of this planet should be taking it to heart and acting in humility on the basis of the contents of that Book. But they do not, and they will not. Right to the bitter end they will fight it with every ounce of rancour they can muster, as the Book reveals. The reason for this is because the global power-elite and their administration of government and establishment churches and religions — nationally and globally — are part of the very satanic system which the Christ came to “cast out”! This is why John’s vision in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation (as I will elaborate on fully in a later section) symbolically styles the satanically-inspired political and religious systems of the world — which culminate in the revealing of the Antichrist presiding over a global government — as two ‘beasts’, essentially monsters. The first beast represents the totalitarian wielding of government and the second beast (also known as the “false prophet” in chapter 16, verse 13 and chapter 20, verse 10) depicts the ‘spiritual’ influences which will support it, for the religions of this world (including establishment “Christianity”) will combine in an interfaith pact of darkness upholding the satanic global government as the great pathway for future civilisation.

As we will see, this is what the Christ reveals in His Book of Revelation as the relentless climax of all politics and religion in this world. So, naturally any political or religious authorities would feel hostile towards anyone who takes the teachings of this Book onboard and would label them as ‘delusional’, and as ‘conspiracy theorists’ (for the Book of Revelation is the ultimate exponent of genuine conspiracy), and even as psychiatric headcases! In fact, people’s reactions to what the Book of Revelation teaches are a revealing litmus test as to whether they are beacons of the Light or are propagators of satanic darkness.

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