I keep being told that in a democracy [sic] I have to respect other people’s choices. That might be true if their choices do not mean giving credence to a dangerous enemy or validating harmful doctrine. But what if they do? Must I accept them then? In time of war, do I have to respect the choices of those who collaborate with an evil enemy? Collaborators are traitors. They are weak. They are untrustworthy. They are dangerous. Their choices thereby become utterly unworthy of respect. I could not possibly have any respect for the choices of people who prop up a corrupt narrative and who so easily allow themselves to be deceived by what can be shown to be corrupt and based on lies. To tell me that I should respect such choices is nothing less than gaslighting and psychological manipulation to create a straw man which makes it look as if I am denying personal freedom and people’s right to choose. But I am not denying personal freedom. I respect the fact that people are free to choose and I have no desires to take away that freedom (unlike many others). But freedom inevitably means choices, and I can never respect the choices that people make as a result of that freedom if those choices give credence to lies and validate the strategies of gangsters who practise deadly subterfuge. This is what I can call “ethical philosophy for dummies”. It is so basic that even a kid could see the logic in this. But logic as a weapon of choice went out of the window long, long ago and was replaced with cognitive dissonance and being in denial.

You may say, “Well, we are not at war now, so what’s your point”. To which I reply, “Oh, but this is where you are mightily mistaken; for we are at war!” It may not be with guns and bombs on a physical battlefield but it is a psychological and spiritual war which is as old as the hills (actually, it’s very much older). Let me give an illustration which contains all the elements of this cognitive dissonance, together with the dishonesty, slander, self-deception, and hypocrisy which fuel the minds of those who want to control and destroy…

When the Christ referred to the fallen archangel who we now call Satan, as “the father of lies”, He was dismantling the mendacity and hypocrisy of a crowd around him who, despite superficially believing in Him at first, soon were triggered into revealing what was really in their hearts when Christ mentioned the word “truth” (always a good trigger). In fact, what He said was this: “If you abide in My word, you are truly My disciples. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. (This interesting exchange is in the 8th chapter of the Gospel of John). Christ was showing how all those religious people who thought they were so godly and righteous, and superficially “believed in Him”, were in reality under the control of satanic forces. He said to them:

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies”.

It soon became clear that despite initially “believing in Him” on a very superficial level, in reality they not only wanted to kill Him but also accused Him of being demon-possessed. That they could initially “believe in Him” yet have those other base desires too, as well as twisting truth and upholding lies, is a perfect example of the dangerous cognitive dissonance which affects the disordered, unstable mind which exists in the vast majority of humans, who can be swayed this way and that because they have no centre which is stabilised and in sync with their Creator, no truthful heart of repose, no minds of their own, for those minds and, indeed, their very souls, were stolen long ago. This is why, if ever I had the misfortune to appear before a court of law, I would not want to be tried by a jury! So many brains are completely scrambled after years of conditioning by significant others, having been brainwashed by their televisions and newspapers, while absorbing the lies of the thieves and murderers who rule over them.

You really should read that 8th chapter of John’s Gospel to get an idea of what I am speaking about here. For we are dealing with such people today — people who are hoping you will become ill or even die because you have refused to fall in line with them in compliance to a lying, deceiving government. People who will snitch on their neighbours to ingratiate themselves to governing authorities. People who will feel a sense of relief and have a “serves you right” mentality if those who have not been vacksceneaytid are placed under severe restrictions or even interned. People who are puffed up with the delusion that they cannot be infektid or infekt others because they have been vacksceneaytid. People who do not want unvacksceneaytid people going to venues where vacksceneaytid people are in case they are infected by them (despite having been vacksceneaytid!). People who think that social media “fact-checkers” are interested in facts. People who say, “Follow the science” but the $cience they follow is what they are told in government press conferences on their televisions. People who accuse you of wearing a tin-foil hat if you love Truth. People who have as much discernment and perception as a disused telegraph pole. This and much more of a similar nature characterises the people one is having to deal with today in one’s daily life.

Why should I respect the choices of those who have allowed themselves to be deceived by the lies of those who are the proven enemy of humanity? I cannot have respect for the choices of people who get their information from the TV news and then tell me that I am a “conspiracy theorist” because I do research and discover what real scientists say who are not sold out to governments and farmasootical corporations. I cannot have respect for the choices of people who regard me as hygienically inferior because I choose to protect my health and because I regard proven criminals (those who head up health agencies, governments, and farmasooticul corporations) for who they really are. I cannot respect the choices of those who risk destroying their health or that of their children. I cannot feel respectful towards the choices of people who so easily fall in line with what is clearly a psychological operation and who have no sense of logic and who refuse to listen to real scientific evidence. I cannot respect the choices of the wilfully ignorant. I cannot respect the choices of those who are so easily deceived by serial lies. I cannot respect the choices of those who wallow in those lies and who therefore have Satan as their father.

I will, however, still have compassion for those who are so innocently duped by skulduggery and will do all I can to assist their arousal from slumber. (In fact, I do know of an increasing number of vacksceneaytid people who have now realised that a terrible trick has been pulled on them and they regret having fallen for it. I pray that this awakening will continue). I realise that some in time of war have been forced into collaboration because their families were threatened; just as I realise that some today have been forced into collaboration because they need to feed their families or want to lead a ‘normal’ life of travel and entertainment, or who have been deceived into being hyper-fearful. I love people in general but I do not feel under any obligation to love their choices if those choices prop up and validate a satanic world-system. I am a compassionate human and I understand, even though I would not necessarily act the same way. But the majority of collaborators in time of war are not really to be trusted in human relations; for when their fear-buttons are pushed, they will betray those who do not comply as they do and they will willingly have you stigmatised, be it with a yellow star or code called QR. To anyone who thinks otherwise, this is not the time for foolish sentimentality and misplaced tolerance. There is a war on that is both psychological and spiritual. While I respect that people are free to choose, I can never respect their choices if they give credence to lies and show confidence in gangsters who practise subterfuge.

Finally, it also has to be said that it is not enough to see though satanic philosophy or to resist the implementation of satanic governance (which will eventually and inevitably lead to a deceiving one-world government counterfeitly masquerading as the answer to all the world’s problems). One cannot fully call oneself a “truther” if one stops short of acknowledging the pre-eminence of the Christ in the battle being waged by the forces of darkness against the power of the Light. In short, the choice today is between having Satan with his lies as your father, or Christ with His truth as your Master. Those are the real battlelines of war in this world, as will increasingly become clear. In this, there can be no neutrality.

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