A FAMOUS POEM called “If” begins like this: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”. (Hmm… that’s Rudyard Kipling. Has he been ‘cancelled’ yet for being a colonialist/racist? This world is mad enough to do that). It’s a good question though. The thing is, part of that ‘keeping your head’ (which means staying calm, collected and objective) involves not rushing to take sides in any earthly conflict involving nation-states and politicians — especially at this stage in the crazy history of this world-system. There is only one ‘side’ that is ever worth taking and that is truth, which always transcends ‘sides’. But in such conflicts truth is always the first casualty. By all means dig deep and discover as much truth about a situation as you can. Mostpeople do not even bother to dig at all and don’t even have a shovel! They are like marionettes whose heads can be twiddled in any direction by any unscrupulous bozo. But no matter how much truth you can find — and there will always be some — there will also be a mountain of deliberate obfuscation and lies which cannot be penetrated. For one is dealing with propaganda, which is lies dressed in fancy clothes to deceive the empty mind.

I have noticed over many decades that propaganda has become more sophisticated and duplicitous than ever before. Two elements in this are “fear porn”, by which people are terrified through the fear of death, an imminent attack, or disease, into submission to a government narrative or power-elite agenda, or the use of “atrocity propaganda”, by which images of atrocities (mostly fake or exaggerated) are made to go viral so as to outrage the population into following the same government narrative or power-elite agenda. With the advent of advanced technology, Photoshop, social media, global communications, ‘spin’ training, and other tools, to the undiscerning mind propaganda doesn’t even look like propaganda anymore but it becomes something to induce in them the required kneejerk reaction. On social media, propaganda can go viral in minutes; like the current photos of the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, donning combat gear and hanging out with troops as if he is a courageous hero and a ‘great leader’ of his people. Problem is that those photos were from previous years and NOT from last week, as Google Image searches have shown! [See https://newschecker.in/fact-check/ukrainian-president-old-images ]. For the last two years, I have been watching the propaganda in relation to a manufactured pandemic. Now we are seeing it in relation to the latest plot to be hatched by the power elite, the debacle in that hotbed for money-laundering, neo-nazism, and outside interference by unscrupulous states, called Ukraine. Can you keep your head in the midst of all this and not be provoked into taking sides in your absolute ignorance and gullibility? The way that so many have been schooled into absorbing and parroting lies is astonishing — just as it has been throughout the coevyd scam. It is clear that the masses are being groomed to absorb these lies as if they were the truth. To try and reason with such people is a sobering experience. Not even the most extreme zombie movie could prepare you for that. We are surrounded on all sides by zombies of the mind (which is partly why I live as a reclusive monk in the sticks!).

So this little piece (which came to me in the shower, like many other little pieces, and a song this morning!) is a caveat saying, “Do not readily take sides in any earthly conflict involving nation-states and politicians”. I can assure you that any such conflict has many other intentions which have nothing to do with the conflict itself. I can also assure you that any ‘side-taking’ involves a great deal of programming. By all means, work out the moves that are involved in the vagaries of ‘world chess’ on the board of politics and other realms of conniving and chicanery. It is always interesting to build one’s knowledge of how idiocy and the realms of darkness operate. But do not get sucked (suckered) into the artificial passion of side-taking. For behind this ‘world chess’ are forces darker that mostpeople could ever conceive, and they become darker every day.

In that darkness, we are dealing with what Christ referred to in the Book of Revelation as “the depths of Satan”, part of which involves the manipulation of world affairs into a global satanic world-system, where it’s been heading for millennia. That’s right, the Bible teaches conspiracy — not as theory but as fact. But if you wander into many churches these days you wouldn’t be taught that. It is all just lovey-dovey, lovey-Jesus stuff. A great many churches function like cosy Sunday Schools for adults singing trite, endorphin-inducing choruses to pump up a feel-good factor rather than being the bastions of spiritual warfare, deep education and knowledge-building of truth that they should be. Any gathering of Christ’s disciples is a counterfeit if it does not teach that the Ekklesia (the true church) is on earth as a counterculture body to wage spiritual warfare in the midst of a demonically-afflicted world which is stuffed full of conspiracy and satanic deception.

It is extraordinary to think that I have been accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” by more people who call themselves “Christians” than by those who would not call themselves such! The ignorance in the Christian scene today is astonishing. I have only been over the threshold of a church building once in the last twenty-two years and the person set up to greet people on the door got into conversation with me. She asked me what I was doing at the moment and I said I was writing a book about the Book of Revelation. She replied (and I kid you not): “Oooh, I would never read the Book of Revelation. It’s too scary”. Can you imagine! I was gobsmacked. I said to her, “You are rejecting what is probably the most encouraging and deeply informative book in the whole Bible. It provides the backcloth to the entire development of life on this planet and where it is heading. It makes sense of evil and shows what will become of it. It colours in what a mightily powerful effect the ascension of the Christ had on the demonic realm. Far from being a scary book, it is a fount of joy and confirmation of truth and faith”. She looked bewildered. I was astonished. Even outside the Ekklesia (the Greek word I use rather than the corrupted word “church”), there is an increasing number today who see through these deceptions and who even use the term “satanic” to describe world affairs — though there is little point in identifying something as “satanic” if one fails to understand that there is a context involving the reality of the Christ. Laudable though such insight into world affairs is, really, one needs to go one stage further and commit oneself to being a disciple of Christ in order to be protected from the ubiquitous evil and to uphold the way of Divine law in the midst of a world which is rapidly becoming engulfed by this evil.

Here is a final thought to leave you with: Please do not take sides with any of the players in this global game of world chess. For everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — which happens in the world now (including the recent pandemic and the current conflict) serves one purpose only… to facilitate the public enabling of a global government. (I say “public” because presently it mainly operates in secret). Increasingly, various strategies and occurrences (e.g. wars, plagues, terrorism, riots, chaos, geophysical catastrophes, unruliness, false-flag operations, etc.) will be seized upon by the power-elite as a pretext for the unification of the globe into a satanically-inspired one-world government. Then the fallen archangel, Satan, can install his chosen human as the leader of it, revealed in the Bible to be the Antichrist, “whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of His mouth and annihilate by the majesty of His arrival”. All this is coming and cannot be stopped. You can accuse me of being a “conspiracy theorist” all you like but I will just be ‘keeping my head when all around me are losing theirs’ and watching the culmination of this “civilisation” unfold like clockwork.




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