The Mortal State of Double-Blindness

How the Forces of Darkness Exert Power over Humanity


The Two Satanic Sets of Blinkers/Blinders

INTRODUCTION: The Two Manifestations of Artificiality in Humans

There are two manifestations of artificiality in human beings today. The first manifestation of artificiality involves the wearing of a mask — by which I do not mean a surgical mask or a party mask but a metaphorical mask over the whole person, which finds its outward expression in a face and persona which are not grounded in authenticity. Mostpeople in this world wear such a mask to a greater or lesser degree and it makes it well-nigh impossible to have a genuine relationship with them. In fact, one can be confronted by so many of these tiresome masks that it is considerably easier to be a recluse, then one doesn’t have to deal with the necessary unravelment before one can get anywhere near the true human being with whom one is dealing. One continually has the feeling that one is not involved with the real person but is relating to an invention which has been devised over many years of conditioning by family, ‘education’ system, peer groups, cultural controls, religious brainwashing, nationally and regionally ingrained characteristics and a welter of traumatic experiences which have fashioned people into fearful, reactionary, inauthentic specimens who are not only out of touch with themselves but also completely out of sync with the transcendent Power who created them. A falsely smiling, let’s-pretend-we’re-all-happy mask. A professional victim’s mask. A hardcase mask. A paranoid ‘they’re-out-to-get-us’ mask. A new agey spaced-out, love ‘n light, spiritual-bypassing mask. A do-gooder mask. A fulsome salesperson’s mask. An angry mask. An oh-so-easily offended mask. They are all around us. Hanging out on Planet Earth these days is a bit like being in an ongoing zombie movie, except you don’t get your flesh eaten but your emotional ‘blood’ sucked out!

The second manifestation of artificiality is the wearing of blinkers (or ‘blinders’, as they are known in the USA — which may be an even more appropriate title). Yep. That’s right. Blinkers; which is the subject of this little essay. You’ve seen horses wearing them. But have you observed the insane number of humans who do so? With horses, they are put on them by riders who want to protect their steeds from being surprised by passing vehicles and thereby bolting with fright. With humans, they put on their blinkers themselves (without even realizing it, though under dark spiritual influence) to protect themselves from the ‘insult’ of having to be shocked by the truth of what is really happening in this world rather than the illusion of what they think is happening in it. Thus, as with the masks, I am using the word “blinkers” here metaphorically.

The sight of all those metaphorical blinkers on humans across the world is a tragedy. Most depressing of all is the fact that the myopic hordes who wear blinkers have no idea that they are wearing them. They just see what is in front of their noses and have no idea whatsoever that there is a 360° breadth of vision out there.

The Two Sets of Blinkers/Blinders

However, it is important to be aware that there are two kinds of blinkers worn in this world — two different sets of them, if you will. One set exists to prevent a person from discerning beyond the veneer of this world, behind which the real governance and control by stealth, manipulative wickedness and the forces of darkness take place. We can call these Blinkers #1. When you take off Blinkers #1, startling things begin to loom into view. You will begin to see the real state of affairs in this world; rather like in the movie, “They Live”, when the protagonist puts on the revealsome sunglasses and suddenly sees what really lies behind the fake outward reality of ‘normal’ society (see this video exemplar here: ). No more head-burying in the sand for those who have discarded these blinkers. You will see how almost everything in this world is fake, how politics is a scam to mesmerise the masses, how the system of voting and democracy is really ‘engineered consent’ and mass ‘gaslighting’ so that the power-elite can wield their demonic power surreptitiously in the background, how this world is founded on evil, how the fiscal system is rigged, and how all of this cannot be vitally or lastingly changed by merely human means.

Blinkers #1 fall away when you somehow begin to realise — without even knowing the sacred text in John’s First Letter, chapter 5, verse 19 —that “the whole world lies under the power of the evil one [Satan], and you see it in the way that the very fabric of this world (politics, government, corporate empires, the monetary system, global organisations, military/contractor/intelligence structures, etc.) is steeped in corruption and utter darkness. A kind of veil of blindness and ignorance, symbolized in these blinkers, shrouds the collective mind of humanity, courtesy of the demonic realm, yet those so blinded have no awareness of this whatsoever. That veil operates spiritually (for that is its supernatural origin), but it has profound psychological consequences on the mind-map of humanity.

The discarding of Blinkers #1 can be devastating to the unprepared mind. In fact, it can be so disturbing to experience 360° vision in one’s world awareness after having worn those blinkers for so long that one can undergo a kind of culture shock or even PTSD as one realises how much had been hidden by the dark forces which carry out the control. To have Blinkers #1 removed is a very scary thing — which is why mostpeople clutch them to their beings with desperation. They would feel naked and horribly vulnerable without them. In fact, I have had people say to me on at least three occasions that they know that I am speaking truth when I write about these matters but they cannot take it onboard as it would undo everything they have been taught. In other words, they prefer to keep Blinkers #1 on them because they would rather believe convenient lies to receiving uncomfortable truth. Such is the warped mind of humanity as a result of this fallen world being under the power of the fallen archangel, Satan.

To remove those blinkers involves either a massive act of the will or some exposure to a life-changing experience. Sometimes those Blinkers #1 come off bit by bit — which is the least painful way for it to happen. Sometimes they just fall away in an instant — which can be very shattering. When you don’t wear those blinkers, you will come to realise that trying to tell blinker-wearers that they are wearing blinkers is as fruitless as telling a schizophrenic that those voices in his head are unreal, or as pointless as warning a girl besotted with a thug that he is no good, or as hopeless as trying to convince an anorexic that she is too thin! You can tug on those blinkers all you like but they won’t come off until the blinker-wearer is ready for them to be removed. In most cases, sadly, that never happens.

“What about Blinkers #2?” , I hear you say. Ah, well, Blinkers #2 are the blinkers which fall from your eyes when you are spiritually transformed. In other words, Blinkers #1 involve the way that Satan controls the mind; whereas Blinkers #2 involve the way that Satan owns your soul. Blinkers #2 represent the undoing of spiritual darkness through absorbing spiritual light and freeing the soul from being enslaved to the demonic realm. The removal of Blinkers #1 involves an acute observation concerning the satanic nature of this fallen world, but it stops short of envisioning the real solution for it. Blinkers #2 fall away when you realise how the Christ came in the flesh as that real solution to bring judgement on the satanically usurped world and to evict Satan from it. In other words, you realise the truth of the Christ’s own words before He vanquished the fallen archangel: “Now is the judgment of this world. Now the ruler of this world [i.e. Satan] will be thrown out” (Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31). In real terms, Blinkers #2 falling away means nothing less than committing oneself to being a disciple of the Christ — the Divine being who came into incarnation some two thousand years ago to overturn the havoc wreaked by the satanic realm in this world, which He did through ‘tricking’ Satan and overcoming death, resurrecting and then ascending to heaven. I have written about all this extensively elsewhere, especially most recently and in the most detail, in my 658-page book on the Book of Revelation, “The Essential Apocalypse”, which you can download for free as an eBook here: (see especially chapter 3, §5, on pages 105-129).

There are fundamental differences between the two sets of blinkers. Blinkers #1 operate primarily at the psychological/perception level with some spiritual elements. Blinkers #2 are primarily spiritual with psychological consequences. Blinkers #1 can fall away yet leaving Blinkers #2 intact. One sees this among many so-called “Truthers”, who begin to realise the dark forces which overwhelm this fallen world (Blinkers #1 falling off) but stop short of realizing why this should be the case and do not go any further. This has become a huge development of late in this world because the level of corruption and darkness is revealing itself in ever more obvious ways as evil gradually comes to its head in the countdown to the end of this age. For this reason, many are cottoning on to the depth of dark reality in this fallen world, yet without perceiving why this is all happening and what the solution is for it. Because of this, the brief remainder of my life is dedicated to pointing the way to being freed from Blinkers #2 for those whose Blinkers #1 have fallen away. This is where the spiritual focus now lies in my writings, as I believe that it will be a fruitful realm in the years to come.

When the sacred text says that “the whole world lies under the power of the evil one”, that “power” refers to the satanic blinding of human eyes. Blinkers #1 and #2. You question nothing and accept everything. When Blinkers #1 fall away, that is an intermediate state of great privilege. For you begin to see that this whole world is based on lies and illusions. But if Blinkers #2 have truly fallen away, then Blinkers #1 must inevitably fall away too. For when truth is your main business — which, for the disciple of Christ it inevitably and most certainly is — then there can be no place for Blinkers #1. If a person claims that their Blinkers #2 have gone, yet they still wear Blinkers #1, then either the falling away of their Blinkers #2 is incomplete or it is an illusion. Unfortunately, many churches are filled with people who have been convinced that their Blinkers #2 have gone (often through some suspect onetime emotional experience or simply through joining a church), but yet they still proudly wear Blinkers #1 and vitriolically accuse all the genuine disciples of Christ whose Blinkers #1 have fallen away of being “conspiracy nuts” and “tinfoil-hat-wearers”. (I speak with much experience of being on the receiving end of this vitriol).

So we have these two sets of blinkers — #1, which involves the satanic concealment of the material falsehood at the heart of this world; and #2, which involves the satanic concealment of spiritual truth concerning the solution regarding that material falsehood. In the same way that many have Blinkers #1 fall way yet do not go on to be rid of Blinkers #2 — a state of ‘limbo’ in which one has an increasing awareness of the evil in this world yet no recognition of the solution — there are conversely also many who claim to have been relinquished of Blinkers #2 without ever having realised that one was also wearing Blinkers #1 and thus they continue to wear them. Therefore, it seems that one can refer to oneself with the title of “Christian” and yet still have Blinkers #1 firmly implanted on one’s being — as seems to be the situation in a great many cases. Why should this be? I think that there are three main reasons.

Three Reasons Why Many Who Call Themselves “Christians” Still wear Blinkers #1

I believe that the failure to discern Blinkers #1 in those who claim to have got rid of Blinkers #2 (i.e. who claim to be “Christian”) is, in the first instance, very often that their ‘conversion’ involved a myopic, self-centred, emotional experience, thus bypassing any recognition of the manner in which the demonic realm manipulates society’s social engineering, its government agencies, its corrupt education system, its corporate entities, banking system and military/contractor/intelligence entities. Many calling themselves “Christians”, even after undergoing an alleged conversion experience (supposedly losing Blinkers #2), still believe in their governments and the wars they wage, plonk a rag called a flag on their porches, soak up all the baloney in the mainstream media, believe there is such a thing as ‘democracy’, believe the climate-change scam, watch television news to be informed, while the only thing which has changed is that they trot off to church every Sunday morning and make an idol out of ‘Jesus’ (whose portrait they often put on their walls looking like a Caucasian hippie!). They believe that “the beast” of chapter 13 in the book of Revelation is either the ancient Roman empire or solely reserved for the Endtimes (if they accept the book at all as being from God), and in some cases (as has actually been said to me) they say they want to spend their time “ensuring that there’s a world here for Jesus to come back to, rather than seeing conspiracies everywhere”. The misconceptions of Divine power and dominion which lie behind that last statement are simply mindboggling and indicative of the faithless nature of religion in opposition to genuine spirituality.

All this is something which needs correcting. Disciples of Christ do not become perfect when they first undergo the inner sea-change of spiritual transformation (metanoia) and there can still be much dross remaining to be eliminated after the process has started. For it is a lifelong process. The problem is not helped by the fact that many churches have a policy of denying the very existence of Blinkers #1. They think that #2 is all there is. This is a big mistake and one which could lead to many finding themselves in difficulties which could have been avoided. For seeing through the ways of this world is a useful skill for disciples to possess. After all, disciples are supposed to “expose the works of darkness” (Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 11), rather than pretending they do not exist. Many do not seem to realise that discipleship to Christ is entirely counterculture rather than being subservient to the status quo of this corrupt world.

Interestingly, in some of those who have had Blinkers #2 removed, Blinkers #1 also fall off either immediately or soon after. This is extremely helpful to their understanding of the world and the true nature of evil. There are others for whom Blinkers #1 had already fallen away before the falling away of Blinkers #2 (I speak here with personal experience). In fact, that would be a natural progression. For once Blinkers #1 have gone, one finds oneself in a spiritual limbo in which despair can easily set in as one realizes the true depth of evil in this world yet has no satisfactory explanation or panacea for it. Therefore, it is definitely an advantage to be rid of both sets of blinkers.

A second reason why so many claim to have had Blinkers #2 removed and then refused to remove Blinkers #1 and even mocked those who refer to them involves a form of rebelliousness — an abiding reluctance to see the full implications of the satanic conspiracy which has been at work from the foundation of the world. Many of those claiming that they are followers of Christ (i.e. that their Blinkers #2 have gone) can only see things through the narrow, petty-minded gridlines of their church. They become ritualistic and think that so long as they perform the rites of their church (even in a ‘low church’ environment) then that will suffice. I put it to you that all disciples of Christ are called to divest themselves of Blinkers #1 and not merely to rest on the laurels of having had Blinkers #2 removed. How else can one possibly beware lest they be taken “captive through philosophy and empty deception, which are based on human tradition and the spiritual forces of the world…” (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 2, verse 8)? Look at the millions of Americans claiming to be rid of Blinkers #2 (i.e. claiming to be “born again”) who were captivated by the philosophy of the murderous, scheming neoconservatives who planned the war against Iraq, captivated by the empty deceit of feigning politicians, following the mere traditions of men and thus aligning themselves with the basic principles of this world. Such folks smugly think that those words are only to be applied to the dangers of falling for Gnosticism. But this is an inadequate application. Certainly, Paul is alluding to an incipient kind of Gnosticism in that text; but disciples are to resist being cheated by ALL worldly philosophies and empty deceits — a resistance which is distinctly lacking today. Look at the millions of people claiming to be rid of Blinkers #2 who practise the New Age ritual of ‘manifesting’ in their churches, believing that God wants His people to have massive riches in abundance (which I have debunked many times in my writings, even from the words of Christ Himself). Look at the millions of people professing to be rid of Blinkers #2 who binge-watch TV (even the awful cringeworthy showman-style “Christian” TV stations) and soak up the lies on the news and in other mainstream media, who continue to eat toxic food, believe everything their governments say and willingly allow themselves to be vaccinated by lying, duplicitous pharmaceutical companies. The list could go on and on. (Those who want to explore further how those lying, duplicitous elements [including intelligence agencies] created the Covid scam during 2020-2022 can read my investigative exposé of it in an article entitled “You Have Been Spooked” at this link: ).

Thus, I say that genuine disciples of the Christ should want to ensure, at all costs, that any remnant of Blinkers #1 is also removed from them. I contend that the removal of Blinkers #2 must logically lead to the removal of Blinkers #1, sooner or later, for demons do not merely operate in terms of influencing individual behaviour but they also carry out their spiritual warfare at a global political, institutional and governmental level across the world. So why does it not happen in so many cases? Surely it is because of an outright rebellion against that to which disciples of Christ are called. For we are called to be a people who leave no stone unturned in our quest for truth on all levels, in all senses, into which we are guided (see Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 13, for example). “But does it all matter?” I hear some say. Of course it does! Truth matters. We who are the forthtellers of it must have full awareness of what is happening in this world — not as an unhealthy obsession with darkness or conspiracy, but it is our pastoral duty so we can guide others and warn of world developments in these increasingly crazy and oppressive times.

Paul speaks about disciples wrestling “not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 12). Such “wrestling” with demonic entities is made considerably less complicated and disruptive if one does not wear Blinkers #1. For Blinkers #1 make us blind to many of the actions of these principalities, powers, rulers and spiritual hosts of wickedness. This text is plainly speaking about the way that demons (fallen angels) operate in this world. Such beings do not merely operate at the level of the personal, only leading humans into moral failure and despair. Those evil spiritual ‘authorities’ are also influencing and machinating world affairs via a concealed power-elite, the realm of politics and many aspects of governance. Ultimately, they are leading this world by the nose into the formation of a satanically-inspired one-world government and the usurped rulership of the Antichrist over that government. Even now, as I write these words, this is what is taking place. With Blinkers #1 removed, one can clearly see all this happening, regardless of whether or not one is a disciple of the Christ. I personally know many whose Blinkers #1 are the only ones which have been removed and who are perfectly happy to identify satanic elements behind the evil of the world. They know that this world is based on lies and evil. They will even admit that a being called Satan is behind it all. But they will not see the truth about the Christ, or they refuse to see it because of all the evil committed by religious “Christendom” down the centuries, and still believe that if only they can get enough people to see through those lies and stand up to the authorities, then the world can somehow be changed. This is an illusion. One must certainly not acquiesce to corrupt authority. But it is hopeless to imagine that it can all be turned around. It has gone well beyond that now. Only the return of the Christ will wipe the evil off this earth. This is why it is never enough for just Blinkers #1 to be removed. It is a start but that is all, for it leaves one in a dangerous ‘no-man’s-land’ of either wishful thinking, rabid paranoia, or increasing despair.

Those who have had Blinkers #2 removed can see the way that Satan operates spiritually in relation to personal behaviour and moral failure. But if they still wear Blinkers #1, there are vast swathes of satanic activity about which they are completely ignorant and therefore they can easily be taken advantage of, and become satanic dupes, without them even realising it. (I dread to think how many of those will even believe that the Antichrist, when he is revealed in his supernatural ‘splendour’, is the returned Christ). When we read in the sacred texts about those who had become “dull of hearing” (literally, in the Greek, ‘lazy listeners’), we see how they were encouraged to mature so that they could “have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil” (Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 5, verses 11-14). So throw ALL those blinkers away and then good and evil will be infinitely better discerned. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (First Letter of Peter, chapter 5, verse 8). He can certainly take particular advantage of those claiming to be Christ’s disciples when they refuse to divest themselves of Blinkers #1. While it is true that Satan cannot really enslave genuine disciples of Christ, he can certainly make life very difficult for them. Wearing Blinkers #1 (especially if one wears them with pride, as many do) makes one a prime target for Satan’s manipulations.

As an example of the kind of deception which comes through the proud wearing of Blinkers #1 on so many who call themselves “Christians” (i.e. people who would claim to be no longer wearing what I call Blinkers #2) think about the en masse blind following of Israel — so-called ‘Christian Zionism’ (which must surely be a Mossad psyop!). Their blinkers make them imagine that the governments of the USA and Israel are doing God’s work. (You can read a full in-depth article about this deluded mindset on my website by clicking here: “Abraham our Father – Jerusalem our Mother” ). Their blinkers prevent them from taking heed that they are not deceived. Their blinkers prevent them from realising that many will come in Christ’s name who are really working for the other side. This is why so much of what people call “the Church” today is such a joke to the world, an irrelevant sideshow descending into bandwagon after bandwagon of irreverent nonsense.

There is a massive amount of subterfuge across the world today as governments stage a phoney war against terrorism so that they can manipulate populations. So-called “Christians” have fallen for this subterfuge left, right and centre; and all because they refuse to remove their Blinkers #1 (and one wonders if they ever really had Blinkers #2 removed at all). One has to wonder how so many calling themselves “Christians” could so easily love lies.

EPILOGUE: The Only Logical Actions

When we look back through history, even during the past one hundred years, we can see how multiple governments (especially those claiming to be uncorrupted, such as the USA and UK) have manipulated the masses with lies, distortions and murderous treacheries. All of this has only been possible because of the vast number of adherents to their blinkers, whether #1 or #2. The truly awful thing is that even claiming to have had Blinkers #2 removed apparently does not prevent people from being arrogant, pig-ignorant, presumptuous, politically-duped pawns in the game of degenerate government. Furthermore, there is also something tragic about the halfway-house of the removal of Blinkers #1 without any progression to the removal of Blinkers #2. One then winds up with countless ‘cells’ calling themselves “freedom movements” or individuals calling themselves “truthers” but yet having no concept of the fullness of truth or the genuine full-blown freedom which comes only from being a disciple of the Christ — holding onto His shirt-tails as one hurtles around the world in this adventure called life. The only logical action when Blinkers #1 have been removed is to have Blinkers #2 removed also, delving into the spiritual transformation which occurs when one realises the truth about the Christ and dives into His revelation. And the only logical action when one claims that Blinkers #2 have been removed is for Blinkers #1 to be discarded.

At this point in history, there is a real need to be a witness about the truth of this. People need the additional perspective of the spiritual battle being waged today on the angelic and human levels in order to make sense of what they have rightly discerned through the removal of their Blinkers #1. An interesting fact is that those who have had Blinkers #1 removed become very discerning, passionate and vigilant disciples of the Christ when their Blinkers #2 are subsequently removed — far more discerning and vigilant, in fact, than the smug ‘Christians’ of today who refuse even to recognise the existence of Blinkers #1 and scoff at those who do, calling them “tin-foil hat wearers” and “conspiracy theorists”.

A final note about the relationship between Blinkers #1 and Blinkers #2: To have Blinkers #1 removed leaves one very raw and vulnerable. For one can see through the world and even suffer much persecution at the hands of the demoniacally influenced powers of the world (who do not like people to be without blinkers of any kind) but yet have no succour or solace if they are still wearing Blinkers #2. For to have Blinkers #1 removed yet still be wearing Blinkers #2 means one has no spiritual foundation by which to understand why this is a world of lies and delusions and that it can only be transformed supernaturally through Divine intervention. This is why such folks can become very downcast and cynical and even curse the idea of God; or why they get caught up in New Age delusions or imagine that there is what they call a “Great Awakening” coming. They see the hideous power of evil in the world but have no spiritual matrix in which to place it. When Blinkers #2 are removed, one begins for the first time to see why the world is in the state it is in, that a Fall of humanity (preceded by one of angels) took place aeons ago, that the Christ came to this earth as a Divine being in the flesh, that He was assailed by the collective cosmic forces of darkness (human and discarnate) and put to death by them, that He broke through the chains of death and was resurrected and then ascended to heaven, from where He will return to this cosmos “like lightning flashing from the east to the west”, judge this world and destroy it, then inaugurate a new heaven and new earth in which there will no more be any possibility of a fall. Until that return of the Christ, we are in the midst of a furious spiritual battle and we need to be armed to the teeth spiritually to be able to handle it. Only the removal of both Blinkers #1 and #2 can enable that to happen and for us to be victorious overcomers in that battle.

So, may ALL our blinkers dissolve and may the awareness of truth and the development of discernment (Greek: diakrisis) reign in their place.