If you are an old-style conspiracy investigator, you are never in any way a fanatic who has to find conspiracies or hoaxes or satanic symbols absolutely everywhere. You only react when something comes up for real. When you suspect that something is not right about government, political, or scientific claims or activity, you quietly set about investigating it DEEPLY AND INDEPENDENTLY to find out as much as you can about what is really happening. You do not rely on dodgy secondary sources. You build up your case with logic and hard evidence, because you know that if you publish something, you are responsible for your readers state of mind and their education. You take as long as is necessary over it; weeks, months or even years — whatever it takes to be as responsible and authentic as possible. You make it as detailed as you can. You do NOT go public with it until you have amassed an undeniable cache of facts and, subordinately, extreme likelihoods in view of the prima facie implications. You emphasise that there is a difference between facts and the extreme likelihoods. You never initially make your claims in a meme or other soundbite expression. Instead, you use full articles with references and ensure that you do not come across as a crackpot because you do not want to bring Truth or Integrity into disrepute. Your target audience is anyone in the world who will listen. You are not playing to a crowd of other conspiracy investigators to gain kudos for yourself. If someone subsequently shows you (and proves) that one or more elements of what you have claimed is untrue, you IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY retract it without hesitation. If you have made the claims in a social media post or internet article, you take it down WITHOUT HESITATION. Your dedication and first commitment is to Truth above all else and you have an insatiable desire to ensure that is never breached and that you do not bring genuine conspiracy investigation into disrepute. You are motivated out of love (especially a love of the Truth) and you feel compassion towards all those who are so far unable to agree with your findings. (In other words, you do not belittle those who do not yet understand). You have honed yourself to be the patient and wise individual that you know it is necessary to be during such confusing times in this world. You make yourself available to give counsel and help those who may be struggling to understand the corruption in this world.


If you are a new-fangled conspiracy nut, you are a complete fanatic about conspiracy. For you, it is absolutely everywhere! It is all you think, talk, dream, and post about. If you suspect that something is not right about government, political, or scientific claims/activity (which is an obsessive 24/7 pastime for you), you immediately broadcast publicly your suspicions on social media and present them as if they were facts. You do NO GENUINE DEEP INDEPENDENT RESEARCH WHATSOEVER, apart from consulting other new-fangled conspiracy nuts on social media and YouTube (who are, in any case, mostly controlled opposition’), who you use as “proof” for your unsubstantiated claims. You do not know the difference between facts and assumptions, inventions, or fantasies. Truth for you is whatever you want it to be rather than what it truly is. Your target audience is only ever other new-fangled conspiracy nuts who you desperately want to impress and whose tribe you want to feel part of. It is your cult. You never read anything longer than a meme or bullet-point social media post (though you will devote hours to watching new-fangled conspiracy nuts on YouTube), and you regard the kind of articles which old-style conspiracy investigators write as being too soft and unnecessarily long-winded waffle. You regard old-style conspiracy investigators as the “Uncle Toms” of conspiracy and assume that they are therefore compromised and lacking in the courage, confrontationism, and originality that you imagine yourself to have. If an old-style conspiracy investigator (or anyone fact-checking you) subsequently shows you (and proves) that one or more elements of what you have claimed is untrue, you immediately hurl abuse at that person, block him or her from your social media circuit, leave your post online intact and claim that person is “controlled opposition”. Your habitual mode of presentation is a kind of “sky-is-falling” hysteria, as if you were a member of the cult of unhinged zealotry. Your dedication and first commitment is to your ego and standing among other new-fangled conspiracy nuts. You look down on anyone who does not immediately agree with you and you consider them to be lesser beings who you denounce as “sheep” or “idiots”. You are impatient and could not care less about whether your entire presentation is bringing conspiracy investigation into disrepute. Wisdom and patience are of no relevance to you whatsoever.