THE NEED TO BELIEVE that absolutely everything is a hoax or a conspiracy or a contrived satanic symbol has got out of control now among the so-called “Truther” population. This has plainly been deliberately connived by ‘controlled opposition’ in order to discredit genuine old-style conspiracy research and distract people down dead-ends. Watch out for those who set themselves up on social media as “activists”. The dodgy ones will feed enough conspiracy truth to you to draw you in, then they will begin to major on deceptive stuff like chemtrails, reptilian shapeshifters and flat earth, and suddenly that will form the major part of their output. (NB: I know that weather modification programmes are real; but I have studied meteorology for decades and know the difference between various cloud systems and what comes out of any part of the wings of aeroplanes). So-called “chemtrails” was first posited on the Art Bell Show on May 6th, 1999, while most of the woke so-called ‘Truthers’ of today were still in short pants! Art Bell was classic controlled opposition, a “shill for the New World Order”, as outed by many perceptive old-style conspiracy researchers. Just one look at his logo from that era would tell you where he was coming from:

Such shills make those who are influenced get caught up in false trails to deflect them from real truth. I know most will not want to hear it but so-called ‘chemtrails’ is one such false trail. The Art Bell Show was controlled opposition, even at that early stage. Imagine how much more all that has developed today, 23 years later. People are so naïve. Similarly with the shill, David Icke, who has sent people off with the fairies by alleging that there are reptilian shapeshifting aliens in high places (e.g. the British Queen, the Clintons, etc.), and pushing a neo-Gnostic agenda. All dead-ends. False trails. Astonishingly, back in 2013, 4% of people in the USA believed this reptilian stuff and 7% of the population was “unsure”. The flat-earth teaching is also taking off big-time among so-called “Truthers”, who laughingly call me a “globetard”. Imagine! What deception we are now in the midst of. Nowadays, to be a REAL Truther, really searching out real truth, brings one into conflict not only with governments and their agencies but also with those pseudo-‘truthers’ who are everywhere on social media with their obsessive deflective posts.

We live in interesting times indeed. Through all these false trails, these shills for the New World Order ensure that they keep your attention away from genuine conspiracy. Don’t be fooled if they have long hair or dreadlocks therefore making you think that “they must be cool”. That is naivete in the extreme! Another thing that I have noticed is that they will keep telling those who are duped by them how much they love them in social media posts, and like programmed idiots they will all comment underneath how much they love him or her too. That is a classic cult reinforcement action to maintain the process of mesmerisation, as most people are insecure and always wanting to be loved, especially by someone who seems so ‘expert’.

The presence of military and intelligence agency shills and trolls on the internet is now so advanced that most people have no clue whatsoever and thus they easily give their allegiance to them. An example of a military agency using Facebook and other social media to set up posts and troll on the posts of others is the 77th Brigade (psyops in cyber-warfare division) of the British Army which, for the last 7 years or so has been trying to control the narrative on social media. [See ] . During the Covid era they were steering social media in the direction of the narrative and discrediting anyone who posted otherwise via trolls and shills. The British Army being used against its own people. They are highly skilled and no one encountering them on social media would know they were dealing with a computerized squaddie. I can guarantee that they will be doing everything they can to discredit the truth and big-up the lie in the conspiracy scene. What’s in that article is just the little bit that they want you to know. They are highly advanced and very disciplined in their work. In the USA, the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOD will have similar programmes, now very well-advanced in how to run psyops.

What I have written here is not paranoia or fanciful meanderings. It is way more real and developed than most folks realise. I have a number of these shills on my friends lists on social media (e.g. Fakebook). I know who they are and I keep them there so I can keep an eye on their tactics. I regularly post comments on their posts unequivocally showing the true nature of their deceptions. Unsurprisingly, I get a mass of laughing emojis from ‘the faithful’. It is like trying to explain to cult members how they have been deceived. The whole thing is an indicator of the lengths to which shadow-government mind-control has flooded social media. After all, the agencies promoting this have had decades to perfect their art. Many will think I am crazy for even saying this. They are in for such a shock. As you will see…